Breakthrough to Clarity

Discover your Path to Prosperity


I’m so grateful you took the leap and I’m thrilled to support you in discovering your path to prosperity as a conscious entrepreneur.

May I ask you a few questions?

  • Do you want to feel more empowered, rejuvenated and masterful in your business —and life?
  • Are you aching for more joy and abundance in your business, but bogged down by the daily grind of never-ending tasks?
  • Are you struggling with overwhelm, burnout or inconsistent income in the conscious business world? (yogis, coaches and healers, I’m talking to you!)
  • Are you ready for growth but unsure of the exact steps to take to arrive at your big business vision?

If you answered yes, I have a dose of empowerment (and strategy) for you.

As a holistic coach, I support conscious entrepreneurs in unlocking their creative power to shape their business into an expression of their passion, purpose, strengths and innate gifts. I work with women who want growth, abundance and healing— in life and in business. Many times, our work together begins with prioritizing self-care and re-aligning business priorities to support more sustainable long-term growth.

In a Breakthrough to Clarity session, you and I can discuss where you are in your business (and life) —and your vision for the future. During the session, I will be listening while you detail what’s holding you back from achieving the level of prosperity, freedom and ease you desire. I may offer suggestions, resources or refer you to a helpful article on the site. If it’s a good fit for both of us, I will also let you know how we can work together in the future.

Get started here.

  • Examples: having a growth strategy, balancing time + energy, too many ideas, financial prosperity, can't say No.
  • example: leading jam-packed mastermind workshops all over the nation, having a full private client list, owning / operating your own yoga / healing space, leading retreats, developing a signature training program
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