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My passion is coaching conscious entrepreneurs—like you—on how to turn their passions into profit. The work you’re doing is meaningful, but the money situation leaves something to be desired. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s plenty of strategy and sankalpa around these parts.

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    You're ready to do Big Things. Good thing moving mountains is all in a day's work for a fierce wisdom goddess. Together we’ll conjure daring Dakini power to rocket-fuel your business vision. Book your VIP Dakini Day.

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    They say you’ve got to stand for something, so I chose elevation of education and strategy that satisfies the soul. I am the multi-passionate entrepreneur’s biggest supporter, because I am one and when started out there was no one to support me. First, “they” told me do what I love and the money will follow. (It didn’t.) Then, “they” told me I wouldn’t make it unless I focused on one passion. “They” didn’t have it quite right, so I created my own path. Ready to create yours? I’m here to help.

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