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I’m here to empower you to leverage your creativity and find innovative solutions to your financial + professional blockages.

There’s a ton of conflicting content out in the webiverse about how to build a profitable business founded on purpose and passion. Even more on building a thriving conscious creative business.

But here’s a shot of truth: your business is unique. 

Every healing, helping and creative business is a precious gem. If you’re called to do sacred, healing or creative work in the world and your business is less-than-prosperous, or you are facing burnout or overwhelm, I can relate: I’ve been there. I began my entrepreneurial career as a jewelry artist, wellness coach and yoga therapist – and I made all the mistakes. I undercharged, I overworked, I burned out. Then, I went back to the drawing board and rebuilt a conscious, creative career that is a reflection of my divine work in the world.


Step to the front of your business and inhale deeply if you’re tired of being a stressed-out and overwhelmed purpose-driven ‘preneur. 

I hear you. I’ve been there…and I know it’s exhausting, depleting and soul-sucking.

I’ve been Lulu-deep in all facets of the conscious business world for nearly ten years. I started my work group yoga educator, private yoga therapist and health coach. I then translated that experience into opening a Yoga studio and eco-boutique. I’ve clocked over 10, ooo teaching hours as a therapeutic yoga instructor and yoga educator. These days, when I’m not helping other purpose-and-passion-fueled entrepreneurs rock out their Dream Business, you’ll find me training Yoga Therapists in my location-independent teacher training institute.

Are you running your business or is your business running you ragged?

It’s easy to give too much, to overwork and to say “yes” to too many projects (or clients) when we are driven by purpose. We do the work for the work, not for the paycheck.

Raise your hand high if you’re physically exhausted, emotionally drained and you need to make a change (and some cash) in your business today.

All that? That’s the problem.

Here’s the solution: you + me + the magic of intentional business planning (read: strategy).

But before we reframe your biggest obstacles into a gateway toward a clear, inspired, purpose-driven and profitable path, I need to know that you’re committed.

It’s so easy to get excited about finally finding someone who understands someone who has real experience turning passions and purpose into a sustainable business! But, I can’t do it for you. We’ve got to do it together, because the sustainability part depends on you.

Unlike many conscious business coaches, I still earn the bulk of my living teaching yoga and providing coaching. I’ve also designed my business around my optimal lifestyle: and I would love to support you in doing the same. When you work with me, you get my 8+ years of experience in the yoga, creative and coaching industry. You get my brains, gifts, experience and skills: laser-focused on YOU and your Dream Business.


Which fits you?

I need more cash and more clients in my business…like yesterday.

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I’m ready for growth in my business and I’m willing to set the stage for long-term sustainable business development

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Even though I’m doing what I love, I’m struggling to earn a living.

I’m curious about your work and would like an opportunity to “try it out”

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