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From Purpose to Profit: How to Profit from Your Passions To Do More Creative Work that Matters

positiveAre you guided to make a difference in others’ lives through sharing your healing or creative gifts?

The world needs more dreamers, darers & helpers like you.

The world needs you to follow your heart.

If you are a Healer, Coach, Yogi, an Artisan or a Conscious Creative Entrepreneur, I wrote this book for you.


I believe you can profit from your creativity and your purpose to do more good work in the world.


If you are feeling overwhelmed with the ‘business side’ of your conscious creative business…
If you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled or frozen in your business…
If you are still under-earning and tired of money struggles, money fears and money patterns….
If you are exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out…

Then the Guide is for you. Download your free copy now and do more work that matters (more profitably) tomorrow.


MultiPassionate Guide


Goddess Gifts : A Digital Course to Light Your HeartFire

fireFive days of creative insight, self-discovery and artistic journaling to spiral toward your sacred center. Inside of the Goddess Gifts digital course, you will find:

  • Self inquiry and self-reflection prompts that you can journal at your own pace
  • Exercises to expand your boundaries or viewpoints around how you see yourself
  • Creative play invitations designed to observe our consciousness

So, grab your journal and your favorite pens and take a deep dive into Inner Wisdom with this self-paced (* free *) Digital Course! I can’t wait to play in this space with you.

Goddess Gifts

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