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From Purpose to Profit: How to Profit from Your Passions To Do More Creative Work that Matters

A Handbook for the Conscious, Creative Entrepreneur
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MultiPassionate Guide

Goddess Gifts : A Digital Course to Light Your HeartFire

5 days of creative insight, self-discovery and artistic journaling to spiral toward your sacred center. Grab your journal and your favorite pens and take a deep dive into Inner Wisdom with this self-paced (* free *) Digital Course

Goddess Gifts


  • I’m Glad You’re Here

    Because you’ve got 100 years to live, love + leave a remarkable impact. And it’s not only essential, it’s your DUTY to share your talents and unique gifts with the world. But you have to tune in before you can radiate out, and sometimes you need a coach to give you that final nudge or a teacher to show you your own light. And sometimes you need someone to cheer you on as you step courageously into your vibrant life.

  • Need a Clarity booster shot?

    Apply for a complementary Breakthrough to Clarity Session here. Let’s create your vibrant life – and passion-fueled business – together. Learn about my Breakthrough to Clarity sessions.