I Want More Meaningful Business In the World

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I want more meaningful businesses in the world.

It’s time for the purpose-driven entrepreneurs, the Conscious Creatives, the Healers and the Helpers to take over the world—with creative spirits and strategic business design.

Marie Forleo famously said the real secret to making millions isn’t what you know or what you sell, it’s how you position and package it.

For most conscious entrepreneurs, it’s not making making millions that motivates, but impact (although more money would be great, too).

We crave connection, expansion, world-changing ideas given life and form. Our work is too important – we have meaningful work to share and changes to make. We are inspired, enthusiastic and purpose-driven.

So the big questions is: Do you want to use that enthusiasm to reach more of your Dream Clients—and do even more meaningful work in the world?

Because that boundless enthusiasm is actually a tremendous business strength. Your ideas, inspiration and your purpose-driven mission to do meaningful (healing / creative / transformative) work in the world are keys to your professional success and financial freedom.

The world needs us conscious and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to dream big.

Dreaming isn’t enough, though.

We need to understand what we have to give, how our gifts meet the needs of our perfect-fit clients, and how to wrap it all up in a sweet little package that our Dream Clients will happily pay for.

Because Marie Forleo is correct: it’s not what you know or what you sell. You and I both know your work is amazing. We know it has the capacity to initiate deep transformation: individually and socially. Our work is too important to lead us to burnout, bankruptcy or defeat. The world needs us to show up. The world needs us to hold the lantern – illuminating a path to a better way.

Here’s a little thought exercise:

Complete this sentence: “If everyone would just  ______________, the world would be a better place.”

Chances are, you had an easy answer.

And that’s exactly why the world needs your sacred gifts: delivered in a more profitable, more sustainable business.

If you want more meaning (and more money) in your purpose-driven business join me this Tuesday, February 3, to learn the secret to more purposeful profit.

Update: Registration for this webinar is now closed. But if you’d like to be the first to know when it’s offered again, fill out the form below!

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Peace, love and profit,


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The M Word | Make Money in Your Mindful Business


Last week in the Finding Flow Challenge, I went there. I talked about the M word.


I admit that in the past, I was put off by certain business coaches because their brands were way more money-focused than heart-centered. If you’re feeling that way because I brought up the M word, I invite you to take a deep breath and recognize this simple truth: if your business isn’t making money, your work is not reaching the right people.

You didn’t set out to inspire at your expense, did you you?

Let’s face it: our business needs to earn money. If our business is not earning enough, it becomes a costly, time-intensive hobby.

In other words, a serious energy drain.

If you’re joining us from the Finding Flow challenge, we recently talked about how to keep the money energy flowing—the right way—in our business.

Hint: it all starts with energy management.

Part of managing our energy is being able to rest easy knowing that we are being appropriately compensated for all of the time and energy we are expending. But it’s more common than not in the purpose-fueled business world to overwork and under-earn.

We have to take care of ourselves—especially if our work in the world is to give to others.

The most straight forward way of figuring out just how much we need to be making in order to merit this kind of energy investment is the financial ease formula.

Oh yes, the Financial Ease Formula

Financial Ease = the dollar amount you / your business need to earn in order to spend appropriately, get out of debt, save at least 10% or more annually and live your Ideal Life

Here’s what it looks like…

*Financial Ease = the dollar amount you / your business need to earn in order to spend appropriately, get out of debt, save / invest / donate enough annually and live your Ideal Life

  • What are your estimated monthly business expenses?  ->> find that and multiply by 12
  • How much would you like to pay yourself / earn in salary each month? ->> discover that and multiply by 12
  • How much would you like to save / invest / donate each month? ->> discover that amount and multiply by 12
  • What profit margin would you like to see each year? ->> if you don’t know, choose a healthy percentage :)
  • How much do you want to set aside for vacation, time off or other large expenditures (including getting out of debt)? ->> decide on that then add it to the above figures

So, now what?

These are the actions that I assigned to the Finding Flow group last week:

  1. Define your financial ease amount.
  2. Take a look at your business financials, including profit and loss (income and expenses).

But I’ve got an extra action item for you—a little gift for tuning into the blog and investing in your business development.

On Tuesday, February 3, I’ll be sharing a digital workshop on how to bring more money – and more meaning – into your business. Register for the Purposeful Profit Webinar and you’ll learn the secret every successful business owner knows.

More money and more meaning in your purpose-driven work? Sweet!

Leave your details in the form below to register – I’ll *see* you on February 3!

Purposeful Profit


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Redefine Success


It’s mid-January which means your resolutions are either going well…or falling by the wayside. With all the New Year! New You! New Business! hype, I’m sure you have a list of goals, To-Do’s and annual intentions for your business this year. You probably also have your Big Vision and a Big Holy Amazing Goal.

But I’d like to interrupt our regular programming this week and ask:

What is your definition of success?

Instead of sketching out a list of goals and To-Do’s, milestones and objectives, consider defining success for yourself: in life and in business.

Defining success on our own terms is key to building a profitable business we love; one that is founded on our passions and our purpose.

Success is a loaded word, with different meanings to different people. How we define success points toward our own implicit, internalized and influenced belief patterns. What does culture tell us is successful? What have we been taught about success? What are our own un-investigated beliefs about success?

 \\ Success is a realization. Intentional? Karmic? Divine? (You decide.)

\\ Success is the result of hard work.

\\ Success is the natural counterpoint to failure.  

\\ Success is equivalent to freedom: financial and otherwise.

Yet we have another choice when it comes to defining success. Success can be an expression of our meaningful work in the world. We can choose to articulate a personalized definition of success as a culmination of our purpose —the endpoint of self-realization. Success then becomes an outer manifestation of a life well-lived.

And those of us on passion and purpose-driven businesses crave more than outer elements of success: we yearn for sacred success.

Sacred success is ultimately about harmony of inner and outer.

  • Inner conditions and qualities like state of mind, beliefs, core values, aligning actions with intentions, committing to an inner experience that fuels specific outer expressions.
  • Outer conditions and qualities like arranging our life around our values, remaining productive with our time and harmonizing the outer energy (money, time, business vision/ goals) with our inner intentions.

In a counter-intuitive shift, creating a personalized definition of success in this way, becomes less about us individually and more about claiming our rightful place in the world.

Today, I’m asking you to take a moment to tune out cultural messages and your own mental chatter and tune in to your own inner wisdom —in service to redefining success on your own terms.

If you’re in business now—or heading into business —chasing someone else’s definition of success, stop now.

Define success on your own terms: it may (or may not) be X amount of money each year, or your name in lights, or opening a Yoga Studio or having a full coaching practice.

Dare I say: until you define sacred success for yourself—you’re still stuck on the hamster wheel of turning your passsion-and-purpose driven business into a J-O-B.

And because this single exercise alone could make the difference between building a sustainable business you love and financial (emotional, physical) suffering — I’m adding an incentive.

Answer the powerful question below and share it with me on Instagram — tag @kellie_adkins and use hashtag #SacredStrategy. I’m giving away 3 Sacred Strategy sessions —to help you align with your sacred definition of a successful business —and you could win one!

*not on Instagram (gasp!)? Hit me up on Google+ instead.

Powerful Question:

\\ What is your personal definition of success: in business and in life?

Prompt: What does it mean for you to be successful? Is it related to …. 

(check all that apply and give details) …

  • an amount of money in the bank?
  • an impact in the world?
  • a feeling in your heart?
  • a state of being?
  • outer aspects like house / car / possessions / lifestyle / travel / fame or recognition?
  • inner aspects like freedom / choice / time / healing / fulfillment?

Go ahead, put it out into the world. Head on over to Instagram and tell me your success story.

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Finding Flow | A Happiness Challenge for your Business


You are driven to do sacred, creative, healing work in the world: but you’d also love more abundance, ease and flow.

In short: you want it all. Prosperity and purpose. Ambition and ease. Vision and freedom. Engagement and embodied intuition.

I hear you….and no, it isn’t too much to ask!

That’s exactly why I created the Finding Flow: A Happiness Challenge for your Business. (It started Sunday!) If you join us now, it will be a breeze to catch up.

I designed this with the purpose-driven conscious creative in mind. Before we get wrapped up in the challenge, there’s something we need to explore.

What exactly is flow?

What does flow have to do with happiness – in life and in business?

And, the Million Dollar Question:

How can I bring more flow and more happiness into my business and life?

These are questions that became the origin of the Finding Flow challenge.

Bear with me for a moment as we take a jaunt down Learning Lane to look at the characteristics of flow, as detailed by the pioneer in the field of psychology dedicated to this study, Mihaly Csikszetmihalyi (say that 5 times fast!)

Characteristics of Flow (Engagement)

  1. There are clear goals every step of the way
  2. There is immediate feedback to ones actions
  3. There is a balance between challenges & skills
  4. Action & awareness are merged
  5. Distractions are excluded from consciousness
  6. There is no worry of failure
  7. Self-consciousness disappears
  8. The sense of time becomes distorted
  9. The activity becomes autotelic

-from Flow: The Psychology of Optimum Experience, by Mihaly Csikszetmihalyi* (Harper Perennial 1990)

But the flow state – as optimum as it may be – is only part of the story of a life lived with more meaning and mastery.

Even Csikszetmihalyi recognizes that flow is not enough. Consider this quote:

“The flow experience is … Is good only in that is has the potential to make life more rich, intense, and meaningful; it is good because it increases the strength and complexity of the self.” (ibid.).

Martin Seligman’s current work on flourishing lends a depth to the quest by detailing the cornerstones of a life well-lived. Flourishing, Seligman says, includes all the following characteristics: flow experience, positive emotion (like happiness, serenity, contentment, savoring, gratitude), positive relationships, meaning / purpose, and achievement (PERMA for short).

  • Positive emotion
  • Engagement (flow)
  • Relationships
  • Meaning (purpose)
  • Achievement

-from Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being, by Martin Seligman*

The fleshing out of “happiness” into “a life well-lived” is good news for those of us in purpose-driven businesses that reflect our sacred work in the world.

Artists, creatives, helpers and transformational healers of all kinds are drawn to their work because of passion, purpose, and native strengths: all of which are necessary to experience more engagement (more flow), positive emotion, and meaning in one’s life. Further, when we can design our life and business around an optimal experience and environment to share our gifts, we attract the people who value what we have to share (relationships). Lastly, building a purpose-driven and profitable business means we are bolstered by milestones and achievements.

Want to join us?

Join yourself and share the challenge with a struggling solopreneur or a friend who’s aching to turn their passion into a purpose-driven career—Send them right over here to get the welcome goodies.

*Just so you know, the links to the books are above are affiliate links – which means if you happen to buy the book, Amazon will give me a little kick-back: which, of course feeds my reading habit :) P.S. I only recommend books that I have read, that I adore and that I am certain will change your life for the better.

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Resolve to make New Year’s Intentions


The new year is upon us. Letting go of what has not served us and heading into something fresh stirs up excitement deep within our cells.

Traditionally,  this profound contemplation of what has been and the energetic motivation to move up and on leads us to make new year’s resolutions.

To resolve:

  1. settle or find a solution to a problem
  2. to decide firmly on a course of action

I have always been a goal-setter. A resolution maker. A believer in the sacredness of time and the beauty of new beginnings.

Many years ago, in listening to people talk about their resolutions, I found a disconnect between the way we use the word resolve and the beauty and excitement associated with a new year’s resolution. I explored the definition of the word resolution, I quickly saw that this was not the ritual I sought. Bringing old problems into a new era in hopes of “resolving” them was not spiritually cleansing or awareness-inducing.

So what is the intention of a new year’s resolution?


  1. an aim or plan
  2. the healing process of a wound (medicine)

The Bhagavad Gita tells the story of Arjuna, a warrior forced to choose between loyalty to family and loyalty to moral law. He must take action and go to war with his family, as this is his sacred work—or dharma— in this life. His heart is filled with dread. Krishna, Arjuna’s charioteer, offers encouragement by pointing out that it is the intention behind his action that most matters.

Krishna says intention, when in alignment with our dharma, elevates all action into sacred action. Sacred action is anything that fulfills our unique and precious work in this life.

Let’s be clear though: intention requires action to truly have meaning. Simply “intending” to do something, to make a different choice or the move in a particular direction is not enough. Real change requires the fire of actions united by a common intention.

An intention focuses our actions onto a single point: our work in the world. Sometimes that is the development of a quality, a recognition of an overarching theme in our life, the work that shows up in our day-to-day living. Intention-setting for the practice that is our life, provides a clear direction: aiming us toward a more purposeful life, well-lived. (It’s one thing to practice equanimity on the yoga mat, quite another when you have a deadline and your little one is screaming in the other room).

Intention-setting provides a mental drishti on which to focus when our attention wonders. The intention—in both a yoga practice and our business plan—acts as a rudder, steering our attention and action back on course when we become distracted, distressed or unfocused.

Intention provides a lens to frame our experience and our motivations. Resolutions, goals, or To-Change, can easily devolve into reflexive responses to inadequacy, dis-satisfaction, self-criticism. Conversely, intention provides an overarching meta-theme to our daily choices, refined by our commitment to conscious awareness and actions.

In the art of conscious annual planning (for life and business), an intention serves as the litmus test for what to pursue, what endeavors to devote energy to, and what collaborations and creations fit into the year.

Intentions guide action. Action allows us to fulfill our sacred work in this life.

Before we act, we intend.

But before we intend, we need to align.

Aligning us requires us to go within: to listen to the inner whispers, to seek out universal guidance, and to create the space for transformation.

While it may be simple to resolve to eat less sugar or book more private yoga clients in 2015, transformation—in your business and in your life—only arises when you commit to remain intentional in all actions.

Intention is uncovered through inner work

  • When you sit quietly holding the space for your intuition, what arises as your own sacred work in this life –for the next year?
  • What intention would bring you more in alignment with that sacred work?
  • What does the the process of setting intentions bring up for you?

Go ahead, pick up the pen & your 2015 journal

Make some notes in response to these questions, but be warned, that this could turn all of your new year’s resolutions into something much bigger than yourself.

I know all too well how thrilling, yet absolutely terrifying, it can be when intention aligns your course of action. The metaphorical light bulb goes off, followed by the big questions…

What do I do next?

Well, I don’t have the answer to that questions, but I do know how you can find it.

On January 4th, 2015, I am hosting a completely free happiness challenge for your business called Finding Flow.

If you’re reading this post right now, you are either a conscious, creative entrepreneur or you’re going to be one some day (even if you don’t yet realize it!). Consciouspreneurs, as I like to call us, live out our dharma through our creative, helping & healing businesses.

Sometimes—more often than not—it’s a challenge to make it all flow while still getting our meaningful work done, especially when you’re on the multipassionate end of the spectrum: but I know it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m inviting you to join me for Finding Flow | A Happiness Challenge for Your Biz.

28 days of vision, planning, purpose, flow, productivity and creative rest.

The investment is one I know you can make: Your Time & Commitment.

Make 2015 your happiest year in business ever.

Intrigued? Fill out the form below to flow with us: get your first 2015 Action Step automagically delivered by email.

P.S. Today is the last day to register for Strategy is Sexy. Which just so happens to be a very strategic compliment to Finding Flow!




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Self Care is a Business Strategy


Self care is one of the topics I’m most passionate about. And this time of year with all of the holiday madness, self-care is more important than ever!

As healers, helpers and mission-driven creatives, we hold the space for healing and transformation on a daily basis.

As if providing the space for our healing work were not enough, we also have the business-side of things to manage.

It’s a heavy energetic load…especially if you are high on the sensitivity scale.

So what’s a conscious creative ‘preneur to do?

Practice sacred energy management.

Sacred energy management is brahmacharya for you and for your business. It is learning to manage our energy at all levels, including the energy of our business.

Sounds simple enough, until you start to seek that balance.

Balancing our time, business activity and finances is a juggling act, especially when paired with our actual creative, healing work. But there are a few simple remembrances that can help to keep us in the flow.

First: Remember that YOU are the heart of your business.

This means time for precious self-care is non-negotiable. Committing to your restorative practices shows commitment to your business success. Nourishment and rejuvenation are essential.

Go ahead, eat something nourishing, sweetie.

Or put your feet up. Take a savasana. Your business (and your ever-expanding to-do list) will be there in 10 minutes. And the more you nourish yourself, the better off your business will be.

Second: Money is energy. Accept it. Start treating it as any other energy source.

More in, less out is a positive energy balance. If you’re frustrated with your current financial situation, get out your last 3 bank and credit card statements and see where your money is actually going. Get on a budget. Eat at home more often. Skip the $5 mega-drink from the coffee shop and instead brew a cuppajoe at home. Invest in business support to up your strategy and income. Take a look around at the places money energy is “leaking out” and stop the leaks! Then decide how much money you ACTUALLY do need to remain in financial ease.

Once you know that, it’s easier to….

Third: Remember that time is the only thing you truly own.

Your time is sacred, precious and finite – use it effectively by truly staying focused on the services, offerings, tasks, hobbies and causes that light your heart fire.

Anyone who has time to bingewatch [insert your favorite series] on Netflix has time to build a sustainable business.

Don’t believe me? Ask me about Prison Break (and pregnancy) [spoiler: I’ve watched the full series four times.]

Seriously, though, get strategic about how you are using your time – in business and in life.

Could you sacrifice that weekly group yoga class that is draining your energy and use the time you save to develop a higher value service: like an online program or signature workshop series? Absolutely.

Could you give up one night of television every week to spend a couple hours working on that book?  Sure.

The thing is – we have the time. We have the time in our workday (if we are already entrepreneurs) and we have time in our “free time” to do the things that will truly leverage our business.

But when we burn through our productive hours or our busy-busy weeks without a measure of thoughtfulness, we end up frustrated, overworked, and underearning.

Building a sustainable business is a supreme act of self-care because it allows you to be mindful and attentive to where you spend your vital energy. It allows you to manage energy at all levels: subtle, financial and physical.

Ready to build a sustainable business in 2015? Head over here!

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Holiday-Proof Your Business



You COULD be working this holiday season OR you could be making art with your family…

Can you step away from your business—sit down with a cup of vegan hot cocoa— and truly enjoy your holiday?

For those of us in the healing and helping businesses, the holidays bring new challenges and experiences: special workshops, travel schedules, vacations and holiday closures.

Even our own holiday plans make this time of year a little less Zen than we’d like to admit.

And if you’re in the creative business, you’re probably rolling in orders & shipping right now. Or crossing your fingers that they’re coming soon!

Maybe you’re listening to yet another (potential) client say these three dreaded words: “After the holidays…”

Don’t let the holidays throw your beautifully crafted business into a tailspin. Nurture your business—and your own vital energy—by establishing some sweet and simple systems to holiday-proof your business and make this season much, much happier.


\\ Make it easy for people to contact you…virtually

I’m still amazed at how many service professionals (teachers, healers and yoga educators) don’t have their schedule —and an easy way to contact them—on their website and social media profiles.

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Not only will you engage more prospective clients, you will eliminate extra emails, weekend phone calls and potential clients texting you during the holiday festivities.

Go the extra mile with an automated email response to the contact form letting them know your upcoming schedule (including holiday closures); whether (or not) you are taking new clients; when they can expect to hear back from you; where to find a list of rates for classes / services.

Action Step: Set up a Contact form on your website

\\ Streamline your response system for new clients and prospects

Create a New Client / Prospect canned response for new clients interested in all the details on working with you: include what you do, what problem you solve, who you work with / your creative specialty, how you work with people (group, one-on-one, virtually, in person, custom pieces, design), responses to frequently asked questions, rates, schedule, and when they can expect a response from you.

Include links to paperwork they need to fill out pre-session, resources and anything else you need them to know (like when you’ll be celebrating your holidays sans email).

Action Step: Create your New Client / Prospect response letter

\\ Automate your Social Media

It is easier than you think to get a few weeks of content for your social media profiles scheduled and ready to go.

Map out the themes that go along with your upcoming programs, classes, creative/healing work, or retreats. Schedule content out for the time you will be celebrating and include appropriate hashtags, links and images for all content. You can use the “schedule” button (Available on Facebook Pages and HooteSuite, BufferApp or TweetDeck).

On Facebook, it looks like this:

Schedule Facebook Posts


Action Step: Draft your Holiday-time Social Content and schedule it (where applicable)

\\ Wrap up any loose ends

Although it isn’t a system, wrapping up little nagging tasks removes “radiant stress” during the holiday. Return those calls. Schedule that retreat. Upgrade your back-end. Wrap up your bookkeeping. Do an end of the year review of your business. Map out your post-Holiday schedule. Ensure you have small tasks buttoned up before get down to holiday good times!

Action Step: Tackle the nagging tasks in your business. You know the ones.

\\ Offer a next step

For those of you in the coaching, creative or design world, offer a “Pre-New Year” rate, sale or special offer that will encourage your Dream Clients to commit their dollars now – rather than later. It can be a specialty offer, a special payment plan, or a series of bonuses. Avoid offering extremely discounted services or products. Instead, focus on adding value to your Dream Client’s life: What do they really need? What do they want? What would delight/inspire/empower them?

If you offer a long-term or high value service, add an incentive for reserving a spot now (like a longer payment plan or a goal-supportive bonus). If you do custom or creative work, offer a small incentive for a downpayment or pre-payment.

Action Step: Develop a next step- and let your community know about it!

\\ Say Happy Holidays

Send your past and current Dream Clients a little love around this of year – and consider offering some holiday cheer to your newsletter / email list and social media fans. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. A little gratitude goes a long way.


  • Guided meditation (.mp3) to everyone on your email list
  • Holiday eating guide to email list and clients
  • Movement tips to help ease physical strain from holiday travel
  • Stress Less tips for managing the holiday bonanza
  • Handmade Holidays ideas or tips to email list and clients

Action Step: Send some holiday cheer to your community

Love the idea of having a strategy to grow your business with less stress? Then you’ll LOVE this—Strategy is Sexy starts January 6th—click here to join us for four weeks of business rocket fuel.

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Failure to Plan? Not in Your Business Plan.

Business Planning 2015

The old adage goes that we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan. And I could not agree more. For even if life and business do not go as planned—as they often don’t—she who plans for success always has a plan B or C.

If you haven’t already been gearing up for 2015—this is your gentle nudge to get going, darling.

Since I know that planning is anything but underwhelming (read: incredibly overwhelming!), we need to talk.

Years of being an entrepreneur and working with entrepreneurs, have provided me with some wisdom that I’d looooove to share.

Yes, you need a business plan. You also need to be 100% realistic about how you’re going to approach that plan.

So here is what we’re going to stop doing

\\ Underestimating what we can accomplish in a month 

A month is a long time, people! It’s enough time to safely lose 5 pounds. It’s enough time to make or break a habit. It’s enough time to make two batches of kombucha from scratch.

And it’s enough time to make a big difference in your business, if you have plan.

The majority of my clients underestimate how much they can accomplish in a month. They may drag out a product or service launch over the course of months, when they could have just as easily done it in just 4 weeks.

Why does this happen?

Because when you look at a project as a whole it seems so big and intimidating. The secret is to break it down into daily tasks. This exercise will completely change your perspective of what you can accomplish in a month.

Which leads me to my next point…

\\ Overestimating what we can accomplish in a day

Once you start to break your projects, goals and big business plans into manageable pieces, it’s easy to get carried away. Suddenly you’re so excited about all that you can accomplish in a month, that you start to cram it all into one day.

As your To Do list grows, your life starts to shrink. You’ll find yourself eating crackers over your keyboard and calling that lunch. Or you’ll be snatching quick bites between clients, never really stopping to savor your food. And it all starts to deteriorate from there—because a lack of self-care is a lack of business care. Overestimating what we can do in a day is the leading cause of burnout among conscious entrepreneurs.

Over the years I’ve heard many different approaches to managing to do lists.

  • Three To Do’s max
  • It should all fit on one square post-it note
  • Prioritize in order or urgency & importance and just keep moving the things that don’t get done over to the next day until they are actually urgent & important (this one sounds a lot like procrastination to me, but I’m just sharing what I’ve heard!)

What’s worked for me in my business is to build in time for self-care and family first. Then I know exactly how much uninterrupted time I have to focus on my business. Over the years, I’ve learned exactly how long it takes me to to complete certain projects and tasks, so I’ve gotten much better at determining exactly how much is realistic to accomplish in one day.

This is where practices like journaling can be so useful in business—or even keeping a planner where you can see what you set out to accomplish versus what you actually accomplished.

And here’s what we are going to start doing

\\ Setting clear intentions and sticking to them

One of the biggest struggles that I see with new conscious entrepreneurs is that they are filled with entrepreneurial spirit, but they lack direction. They are not clear on their purpose; they are not focused on the mark that they want to leave on the world.

Before you head into 2015, set aside some serious time to think about, journal about, dream about what truly lights you up.

// What is your work in the world?

// Where do you want to go?

// How do you love to share your gifts?

Getting clear on your work in the world allows you to remain purpose-fueled and intentional in your business actions…even when you hit the inevitable bump in the road.

\\ Setting realistic goals that align with our Big Vision …and working towards them

It’s easy to dream big and possible to achieve your big dreams by breaking them down into manageable pieces. The thing is, the little things that we need to be doing every day to reach big goals are just as easy to skip over as they are to actually do.

You make a decision on how you spend your time each day. Look at that endless to do list for the day and ask yourself, are these tasks the path to accomplishing my goals? Do these tasks align with the Big Vision of my work in the world?

If the answer is no…it’s time for some re-evaluation. It’s time for a plan!

Speaking of plans…this Thursday, December 11th at 7PM EST, I’m hosting a FREE digital workshop to plan your year.

It’s time to approach your business with some sound strategy and accountability…so sign up below, because only good can come of this!


Plan Your Year

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Change A Word, Change Your Business Strategy


I believe thoughts compel behavior. I believe we can change our thoughts.

In changing our thoughts, we can change our behavior.

Really, I believe in the power of language.

There are two words that can make or break your business.

What if.

What if I don’t make it?
What if I can’t pay my bills this month?
What if my website gets hacked?
What if I launch a program and no-one enrolls?
What if I raise my rates and no-one buys from me?
What if I spend 3 months writing a book and no-one wants to publish/buy/read it?

Instead of what if-fing yourself to death, hit the pause on this disturbing thought train and choose a more productive line of inquiry.

What then?

If I don’t make it [this time], what then?
If I can’t pay my bills this month, what then?
If my website gets hacked, what then?
If I launch a program and no-one enrolls, what then?
If I raise my rates and no-one buys from me, what then?
If I spend 3 months writing a book and no-one wants to publish/buy/read it, what then?

What then may have a similar end clause to what if. The difference is in the result.

What if leaves you grasping for straws, what then leaves you prepared to take your next steps. Building a thriving business is not the path of least resistance. In order to thrive, there are so many lessons that we need to learn.

And in changing your thought process from what if to what then, there are two very important lessons.

(1) Let Go of Fear

The unknown is innately terrifying. And what if, takes us deep into the terror—creating worst-case scenarios and forcing us to stew in that fear. But we all know that fear doesn’t serve us.

Fear holds us back from success by preventing us from even trying. Fear causes us to guard our hearts—keeping us from showing the very vulnerability that makes us human (and in turn develops trust!). Fear keeps us from making investments in our businesses and in our education—what if I don’t make my money back on this investment?

Guess what? The fear never goes away. We just get better at letting go of it and acting anyway.

(2) Always have a plan B (and maybe a C & D)

Let’s get very clear on something—letting go of fear does not mean being reckless. It does mean letting go of the negative thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from deeply trusting yourself – and your mission in the world.

Stop playing the what if game with yourself, because you’re only feeding a fear-monster that doesn’t serve you. BUT don’t ignore the fact that things do not always work out as we would like.

The possibility of failure is huge—especially for new entrepreneurs who are just starting to build a following.

Prepare for any outcome by changing your language from what if, to what then.

Knowing how you are going to pick up the pieces and move forward is invaluable. It has the power to reduce anxiety and reduced anxiety will increase confidence and, in turn, increase your potential for success.

Your Dream Clients can sense your confidence or lack thereof—even if they can’t quite put their fingers on it. Amazingly enough, boosting your confidence is as simple as changing just two words. Those two words are the difference between being scared and being strategic.

Speaking of strategy…

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If you need to be held accountable for taking ownership of your business in 2015, I’ve got just the thing. Come turn your what if’s into what then’s with me!

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