Guide to Effective Goal-Setting


IMG_9036We don’t have to wait for the New Year to sit down, reconnect with our intentions and make a plan. You have big dreams, many passions and an ever-expanding Bucket List.

But making a Bucket List and actually checking things off your Bucket List are very different things.

Maybe you haven’t been managing your workload well and it’s causing unnecessary stress. Maybe you’re procrastinating or getting caught in the Constant Comparison cycle of suffering. You can tell yourself that you’re going to get on your mat tomorrow morning at 5:30am so you’re ready to rock your creative projects by 7am. But then you get sucked into binge-watching Orange is the New Black and….once again, the 5:30 wake-up call goes unnoticed.

Here’s the secret to making Big Things happen:

Strategy actualizes vision.

[Tweet “Strategy actualizes vision.”].

If you want to make big things happen, you have to commit to long-term vision and achievable action steps. Want to get that extra hour of creative work done in the morning? News flash: getting up at 5:30 a.m. is loads easier if you’re well rested, which means nighty-night time is no later than 10 p.m. So the secret to getting more creative work done? At 9pm you start your winding down ritual to get a better nights’ sleep: and that means tuning out and turning off all screens (including the ridiculously addicting OITNB).

Do you want to turn your intention into reality—rather than getting caught up in time-sucks that don’t serve you?

You need a plan.

[Tweet “Want to turn your intention into reality? You need a plan.”]

What this plan does is help you overcome the main obstacles to positive change.

Why it works: because humans are predictable. In general, we have pretty good reasons for doing what we’re doing – even if what we’re doing isn’t good for us. The psychology behind the strategy takes habit formation and cognitive tape loops into account and presents us with opportunities to use our mind’s super-power (a.k.a. habit formation)  for good.

Ready? Get out your pen and paper. I’ll wait.


Sounds easy, right? Not really. Many of us have really general (read: unspecific) goals for our future: and that’s a big fat reason why lots of us flunk the New Year’s Resolutions test every year. If you want to achieve Big Things, you need to get ultra-specific.

Fortunately for you you’re getting a head start on the New Year. By the time 2015 rolls around, you’ll have already created a habit. And you can just listen to your friends set their goals and send them over here to read this blog post to increase their chances of succeeding.

Ask yourself…

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What do you want to create?
  • What do want to do / learn / see?
  • Where do you want to travel?
  • What do you want to experience?
  • How do you want to show up in the world?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What is your vision for your business / lifestyle / creative work?

Rather than being distracted by the “you’ve got mail” sound and Elephant Journal’s impossible-not-to-click headlines on Facebook, visualize laser-focus on your most fulfilling projects, dreams or life goals.

Write that down in big, broad strokes.

Example: I want to improve my focus in service to enhanced productivity.


You have your big vision, now let’s construct an attainable goal. Using our first example, we’d like to train our focus and increase productivity!

A regular work day is 8 hours. You’re either going to set a goal to do more work within those 8 hours, or do the same amount of work that you normally do, in less than 8 hours.

I encourage you to associate some numbers with this so that the goal is truly measurable. For example, you’ll complete one large scale project every month. Or you’ll be finished with all urgent “to do’s” for the day by 1pm.

It takes anywhere from 21-40 days to create a new habit (and even longer to keep it in place). Be wary of celebrating too early, by sleeping in after 3 or 4 days of your newly found productivity, you’re setting yourself back. Keep the momentum.

A resolution or intention is simply a focused, goal-specific habit. If you’re really in this thing for the long haul, then you can afford to take a little more time to achieve your goal.

Now write down your specific, measurable (realistic) goal.

Example: I will avoid checking email and social media until after 10 am in order to truly focus on the important projects that will leverage my creativity / business success / meaningful work in the world.


Mmmm-kay. Here comes the really fun part.

Most of us pretty much skip this step

(as evidenced in the example I gave at the beginning – my 5:30 am wake-up call is super-duper extra hard to stick with if I’m staying up too late).

Barriers are the things that keep you from doing the stuff you really want to do. Barriers are ubiquitous and predictable -and usually related to a deeply held limiting belief. It’s easier than you think to identify the barriers. Chances are you know exactly what they are; the barriers are the things you avoid verbalizing or thinking about. They are also the reason you (and I) spend so much time rationalizing. Here we go…don’t think, just write the first 5 things that come into your head when you think of WHY you haven’t [insert Big Goal here].

What are the barriers? (Just write them out here – we’ll come back to them!)

Example: I need more sleep than 7 hours, I like unwinding at night – mindless TV helps that, it’s difficult to go to bed at 10 pm, writing and creative work cause my to compare myself with others, if I go to bed so early my husband and I don’t get to spend much time together


Here’s where you get to brainstorm all the ways our life will improve when you achieve your goal. The benefits you receive can be tangible or intangible; you can write on your benefits list things like “When I hone my focus, I’ll be able to accomplish twice as much work in half the time” (tangible) or “I’ll just feel more productive” (intangible).

Write them all out because this is your chance to get to the root of WHY you really want to achieve your goal. Once you count all the benefits, move on to Step 5.

Count the benefits here:

Example: When I do more creative work, I feel fulfilled;  I’ll be able to make a bigger impact in the world;  I will be able to leverage my business success while creating less stress for myself;  I can support / inspire / help more people when my own tank is filled; I will be a better example for my daughter 


Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Even though benefits are more inspiring, barriers have more impact in our day-to-day. Which means in order to do Big Things you have to have a plan to tackle the barriers. Start knocking down those barriers one by one and you’ll be cruisin’ before you know it.

From the examples above, you can see a theme in all my barriers: the evening ritual. Each of my barriers is related to that time between my daughters’ bedtime and my own: usually fewer than 2 hours to be a grown-up person who wants to relax with my husband before bed. Your barriers may have a similar theme – a keystone barrier: try to identify it.

Barrier-Busting Plan:

Identify (and demolish) the keystone barrier.

Example: My keystone barrier was the evening ritual so I made a plan to start early by turning off all devices and stepping away from the desk immediately when my family comes home. We can have family dinner together so we get to spend quality time together then. I skip the TV programs in favor for a relaxing conversation with my husband. Finally, extend bedtime to 10:30 pm and wake-up no later than 6 am – this way, I awake refreshed and enjoyed relaxing wind-down time.

Benefits inspire. In addition to having a barrier-busting plan of attack, ensure you have some inspiration to whip out when your motivation flags. Make a daily practice of focusing on the benefits and you’ll get some extra ooomph when you need it. Want to increase your compliance with your goal? Motivate yourself with a prize (tangible or intangible) when you complete a full week of putting your strategy into place. Pick an awesome alarm tone that makes you excited to get out of bed, use one of Mashable’s 6 apps that block distractions, get a full 8 hours of sleep, educate yourself on what makes us focus, create a deck of affirmation cards and keep them somewhere you’ll see them daily.

Incentives motivate. Is there something you really love but never give yourself? Something you want to buy but it’s a luxury? An experience you’d like to have? Identify a highly-motivating incentive for yourself and commit to rewarding yourself when you achieve your goal. Put a picture of your most-wanted techy toy—let yourself buy it when you finish that big project you’ve been putting off for 6 months.

There you go. Barriers: demolished. Benefits: counted. Focus: honed.

STEP 6: GET HELP {when you need it}

Let’s face it; we can all use a little help now and then. Sure, in black and white it seems so simple. Do this, do that, eh, voila, results! In practice, it isn’t that simple. Get some extra support with a Breakthrough to Clarity session.

Want some accountability? Join us over in the Conscious Creative Kula.

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A Tarot Card Reading Shows the Multipassionate Conundrum

Tarot Card | Multipassionate Struggle | Osho Zen Tarot

Introspection is a business skill. (Didn’t you know?)

This is why introspection, inquiry and the occasional Tarot card reading guide my most pressing business decisions.

I don’t rush off to do a reading before every major decision, when I’m visioneering the evolution of my own business (and spiritual) development, I frequently rely on my favorite tool: the Osho Zen Tarot deck.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no Tarot expert: but I have communed with this particular deck for insight and direction since my college days.

I draw a single card from time to time as a journaling prompt.

But when faced with a particular challenge, I rely on the Past-Present-Resolution spread.  My most recent spread was illuminating.


After shuffling and splitting the deck in half, select the top card from one of the decks: it represents the Present influence, or here/now situation. The bottom card from that same deck represents the Past life (or your own past’s) influence on a particular situation. Then fan the deck and select a final card: this is the resolution to the paradox.


I’m affectionately titling this reading  “The Multipassionate Conundrum.”

It clearly illuminates the problem plaguing many multipassionates: narrowing down or giving up an interest.

But do you want to know the best part about the multipassionate conundrum?

The resolution is within our reach.



Tarot schizophrenia | Osho Zen Tarot

Past | 2 of Clouds

Message: mind is dualistic, embrace the third option: holism

To describe the reading, I’ll begin with the Past life/Past influences card. In this reading, the Past-life (or the past of your own life) influence is represented by the 2 of Clouds card: Schizophrenia.

In the card, the figure is draped precariously between two walls, desperate to avoid dropping into the abyss below. Letting go of the grip – in either direction – results in losing something. The suit of Clouds represents the mind in all it’s divisive and dualistic glory.

This card, specifically, illustrates the multipassionate conundrum: being of two minds.

Torn between precious and powerful interests, multipassionates struggle to find the best way to use our disparate skill sets and balance our substantial interests—in our business and in life.

The 2 of Clouds invites us to recognize this split as an inherent function of mind. In fact, multipassionates know more than most about being divided. The challenge, then, is to let go of our fixed ideas about interests, skill sets, and business trajectory and to instead focus on finding the harmonizing elements within our many passions. In other words, to take the third option: let go of fixed conceptions to discover the inherent resonance in our passions.

(And how do we do that? Well, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves…read on!)

tarot adventure | Osho Zen tarot

Present | Page of Rainbows

Message: let go of divisive thinking and embrace a sense of wonder

The Present influence (here/now circumstance) is represented by the Page of Rainbows: Adventure. When interpreted through the lens of the entire reading (specifically, the relationship to the 2 of Clouds), the Page of Rainbows’ call to adventure is thrilling.

The Page of Rainbows invites us to embrace the third option (let go!) and re-discover the enthusiasm you had as a child.

Be brave, creative, open, vulnerable and trusting. Commit to growth as a function of change. Direct your own transformation: it is inevitable, so embrace it. The Adventure card is uplifting and insightful, offering us a new way to be. Open, creative, drawn by wonder – rather than divided, dualistic and strained. The Adventure card reminds us that we can relax a little bit, things are not always as serious as they seem. Rediscover the curiosity and playful spirit of youth – and bring that into your life and your business.

Tarot creativity

Resolution | Creativity

Message: unite the opposites, connect to Source

The Resolution card is from the Major Arcana, which gives it special import in the reading. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana tell a story of human psycho-spiritual development, from ignorant bliss (the Fool, first card) to self-realization (The Master, final card). Any Major Arcana card infuse the entire reading with a deeper meaning, providing perspective on a psycho-spiritual developmental stage: which is why the Creativity card as the resolution to the above paradox is particularly striking.

The message of the Creativity card is to unite opposites, draw from the radiant potential inherent within each of us, and call on our innate connection to Source.

Creativity is less a product or character trait than an attitude; it is an active mindset which we choose to bring to our experience. In this position – as the resolution of the paradox – the Creativity card invites us to move away from the struggle and division of the Schizophrenic (Past) influences, toward the Adventure-filled outlook with Creativity as the vehicle. It doesn’t matter how you express your creativity, the important part is to share, express, and offer up. Allow the universal energies to flow through you, in a unique, harmonious expression.

In Osho’s words:

“If you have something growing out of it within you, if it gives you growth, it is spiritual, it is creative, it is divine. You become more divine as you become more creative. Love what you do. Be meditative while you are doing it – whatsoever it is!”

So what does this all have to do with the multipassionate conundrum?

Invite creativity to your next play date. Think bigger, stay open, be vulnerable…jump outside the box as you contemplate the best shape for your work in the world. And remember that you have meaningful work to do in the world. When you feel divided, conflicted or stuck between a rock and a hard place, bring your spirit of adventure and open curiosity to the conundrum. Awaken creativity to access deeper wisdom.

The world needs you to follow your heart, darling, so stay true to you.






P.S. In case you missed my previous notes, registration for the Fall session of From Purpose to Profit closes this Friday, September 12 at 11:59 pm EST.  Are you ready to bring all of yourself (and your abundant creativity) into a profitable, purpose-driven business you love? Read up and join us over here.

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8fold Path to Conscious Creative Business Success

ProfitFromYourCreativity2You’re a purpose-driven creative with big dreams and a passion to make a living -and a difference.

I’ll bet you also have many interests and a million ideas (an hour). Which is why it’s so darn tricky to hone in on which direction to turn, what opportunities to follow and how to actually talk about what you do.

Your least favorite question is: “So what do you do?”

(In fact, you wince a little on the inside when people ask. Because, really, how can you answer that in 30 seconds or less?! Where do you even begin?)

On top of all that, the business-side of business doesn’t really light your fire.

I get it.

When you are a multipassionate, it feels impossible to give a 5 second recap of what exactly it is you do…and—even more importantly—how you do it differently than everyone else. This conundrum makes your potential clients (your Dream Clients) confused about how you can actually serve them. It doesn’t matter how much they like you—and they do like you a lot—they won’t make that big investment if what they’re getting is unclear.

You constantly find yourself in the overworking, overwhelm cycle of conscious creative business. (And you underearn.) You struggle with pricing. You give away more than you should. You spend hours knocking out your 3 foot long to do list in the morning, only to find you have no time or energy for the work that really matters to you.

What if I told you there’s an elegant solution to your business blues?

No bullshit here: just a simple strategy to align your business and your soul-centered mission in the world. The best part? A successful and sustainable business doing what you love —serving Dream Clients you adore— is possible.

If you want to turn your passionate creativity into business success ASAP, click here to receive my free digital course “Profit From Your Creativity

If you’re not ready, you just haven’t suffered enough. But you will. And you’ll be back. And I’ll be here for you.



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Just 6 Weeks Takes you From Purpose to Profit

The status quo is comfortable. But it keeps us from uncovering our innate talents—our Goddess Gifts.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you stepped out of your comfort zone and into your passions.

That’s exactly what I imagined when the idea for From Purpose to Profit was born. If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know that my struggle has been real. From my very first yoga business to health coaching to yoga therapy training, I have learned innumerable lessons the hard way.

I wanted to learn from other people’s mistakes—thousands of dollars in effective business coaching would have been far more useful and far less draining than tens of thousands of dollars in learn-it-myself-business-mistakes.

But there just aren’t resources for multipassionate entrepreneur—so I made my own.

I put together the very best parts of my self-study, strategy and inspiration. These are the practices that I believe took my business from Purpose to Profit. I put them into this six week group coaching experience.

I know that when your heart fire is burning you want to move forward with full force and you want to make progress fast.

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve encountered in my business is losing momentum. I would start huge project or a 6-month-long mentorship with high hopes and beautiful intentions. I wanted to use my momentum to take action. But I just found myself stifled by all of the things I had to learn before I could take action.

I want you to use that beautiful momentum you have.

From Purpose to Profit is designed to keep you inspired! You’ll listen, learn and then you get to apply those lessons to your life, your passions and your business right away. Sure, it will take time to grow your business. But soul-centered and strategic business planning in a community of other conscious creative ‘preneurs? That’s a spark of instant inspiration ….and all it takes is a shining spark to light a fire.

You can do this.

You can leave complacency in the dust to pursue your passions and make an abundant living. You just can’t do it alone (well, ok, Miss Independent, you probably could…but there’s enough suffering in the world. A kula can exponentially explode your success and fulfillment in business. And we all know how precious our time -and this one life – is.).

Early registration for the fall session of From Purpose to Profit opened today. Get clear about your mission, reframe your business model, improve your visibility and expand your offerings.

I have poured so much of myself into this course, because I believe in you.

Isn’t it time you believed in yourself?

 P.S. If you register before September 1st, 2014, you get presents! Early birds will also receive KalaMapping | Annual Planning for yogis, yoga educators and Ompreneurs and the Elemental Business Blueprint (total collective value: $297). Usually reserved just for my one-on-one coaching clients, the KalaMapping and Elemental Business Blueprint are sacred goal design and profit planning for the intentional entrepreneur and are the perfect companion to From Purpose to Profit! The KalaMapping method is the exact process I use to concretize my annual business vision and plan my annual offerings so I avoid the feast-or-famine cycle in my businesses (you are planning, right?)It’s received rave reviews and right now it’s only available for From Purpose to Profit early birds. 


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Effective Free Sessions Start with Skill

free sessions

Free sessions are a a powerful way to get in front of people, show them your talents and build your credibility. As an added bonus, free sessions are a tool to filter out those people who are just not ready to work with us.

But, they have their dark side.

I am intimately familiar with the ugly parts of free sessions. I’ve made every mistake and crossed every time and money boundary in acts of desperation. I gave to the detriment of our own success. I also learned my lessons.

I still offer free sessions, but they are strategic, skillful and make my business rather than break it.

In this podcast, I’ll answer these burning questions that you may not even know you had:

  • How much of your time should I dedicate to free sessions?
  • How much information do I provide in a free session?
  • How do I avoid spending time and energy with the wrong people?

Ready to rock the free sessions? Take a listen!

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Choosing Your Passion-Fueled Business Path(s).

multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurYou have to choose one business, they said.

Pursue the profit, they said.

I didn’t listen to them.

Today,  I’m sharing my story of simultaneously growing two purpose-and-passion-fueled businesses over seven years. The passion-fueled business path wasn’t always deep breaths and sweet savasanas. But, I live to tell my story from a place of fulfillment.

The answer isn’t always to follow multiple paths. But the answer does invariably lie within. Take a listen to my story and then head over to the Conscious Creative Kula to get your daily dose of support.

Serious supports + traits to have in place before you consider building two businesses at once:

  • Reliable Childcare (if you’re a work-from-home or working-2-jobs parent)

When my daughter was born, my mother, sister and in-laws provided free childcare (a serious lifesaver and a blessing!). There is no way I could have built 2 businesses to profitability so quickly without their support. Period.

  • Savings (or an alternate revenue stream) and a willingness to sacrifice

My husband and I made a commitment to do without and we let go of any extraneous expenses. We skipped extravagant vacations, concerts, and movie nights. We counted our pennies and went on a budget. And we relied on his income (he is also self-employed) while the businesses were moving from start-up to profitability.

  • A supportive partner

Because someone will have to feed you! Just kidding….kind of.

  • A drive to succeed at all costs – doubts, fears and uncertainty be damned!

If you’re not an intrinsically motivated, self-directed, figure-it-all-out yourself and keep taking action kinda person, well….you may need to reconsider the dual business approach to entrepreneurship. It isn’t for the faint of heart! But if you ARE an ambitious yogi with a drive for world domination (for the greater good, naturally), then have at it! Keep believing in yourself and keep taking action.

  • A business coach (or several)

I hired 5 business coaches for 1×1 work and invested thousands of dollars into my own professional development. It’s not a coincidence that each business is thriving – it’s by design! If you want to take your passion-and-purpose driven businesses to the next level, get support from someone who has done it.


In equally exciting news, my free digital course Goddess Gifts | A Digital Course to Light Your HeartFire is BACK. Make some time in your life for self-study and see how quickly you’ll start to live more luminously!

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Are you a Multi-passionate? How to Decide which Passion to Follow.


Right Brain hemisphere emotions, spirituality, creativity

You’re a multi-passionate.

Most of the time, you are being pulled in a million different directions.

You’re a creative giant. You are a woman of many skills and your brain is chock-full of ideas, visions and plans.

If you’re really honest, your many passions may actually get you into trouble. You have so many interests and ideas that your energy is often spread thin. You can’t do it all at full force all the time. You’ve got to make some decisions about which passions to follow and how to follow them.

And fortunately for you, that’s just what I’m talking about this week. Go on, have a listen.


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Need More Time? Create it (and Save it) with a System.

Create Time with Systems

If you haven’t yet figured out how to clone yourself, you need systems. (Click to Tweet!)

And if you have figured out how to clone yourself, I’m going to need you to contact me immediately. Name your price!

In all seriousness, even if you had a clone, your clone self would eventually need a clone and that clone would need a clone and… you’ll still need systems.

Systems mechanize routine tasks, streamline repetitive tasks, and eliminate the feeling that you’re doing something for the 1000th time. Once of the most tangible benefits of systems is they allow you to move more from the To Do pile into the DONE pile. Systems make the process run more smoothly and give you something to track. They also take the guesswork out of multi-step procedures, allowing you to bring on targeted support (karma yogis, admin support, a virtual assistant or team). This facilitates a better work experience for whomever you hire as support and frees time for you.

Systems are how you clone yourself. (I just saved you a few million dollars without asking for a single thing in return. If that’s not a reason to trust me, I don’t know what is.)

Feel like you’re writing the same email over and over again? You probably are! Create a “canned email” instead –and Boom! System. Precious minutes saved every day. (Click to Tweet!)

Answering the same questions about your teacher training / series class / private classes? Create an information sheet and send it out to everyone who is interested. Boom! System. Time saved.

Re-creating your fliers from scratch for every single workshop / private class / retreat? Create a template for each flier then change out the relevant dates + deets each time. Boom! System.

Ready to get cloning? Good, because we’re doing this now!

(1) Make a massive To Do list (or ya know, just pull out your current To Do list!)

Include all your nagging To Dos for your business plus the daily upkeep tasks like answering emails, returning calls, teaching classes and creating content Don’t forget to add long-term to dos for projects that you need to get started and those marketing tasks that you’re always meaning to get around to. Remember to add all your daily To-Do’s (posting on your social media accounts, writing blog posts, and working on your newsletter).

(2) Divide a piece of paper (it may need to be a XXL piece of paper) into 6 sections by drawing 2 large horizontal lines and one large vertical line.

Now you have six boxes on your page. Label the first box MANY TIMES DAILY, label the second box DAILY, and the following 4 boxes get the labels, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY and ANNUALLY//OCCASIONALLY.

(3) Take the tasks from your to do list and categorize them in these boxes.

As you start to fill in the boxes, many other to dos for the weeks and months ahead will pop into your head, categorize those too!

Below, I’ve provided some examples below of tasks that fall into each of these categories, but take your time to really think about what you’re doing in your business day to day, month to month, quarter to quarter.

Responding to clients (phone or emails)
Teaching classes
Social Media Posts

Opening/closing the studio
Cleaning the studio floor
Driving to your private client’s home
Blog posts
Returning calls + responding to potential-client emails / inquiries
Creating content

Weekly blog post
Weekly newsletter
Going to the bank
Supply run

Bookkeeping + invoicing clients
Monthly newsletter
Workshop or special offering

List building offer – challenge, interview series, guest blogging
revise teacher training curriculum
promote and deliver workshops / retreats / series classes

Business + Marketing plan
Bookings + Promotion 

(4) Write down your big vision goals and the tasks that will move you closer to those goals. Divide these up into the six boxes. Some of these tasks may already overlap. For example, if you want to establish yourself as an expert in the field, you need to blog about the topic. So blogging should be on your daily or weekly task list and you should be sending out a weekly newsletter letting everyone know about your new posts.

(5) Identify the tasks that repeat frequently. Nearly everything that you CAN systematize in your daily column, you should.

(6) Document the process you go through to complete each of these repetitive tasks. For example, a blog post requires that you come up with a topic, research supplementary support, write the post, edit, format the post, add links and a photo, check for SEO, publish and distribute via social media and email. Create this list in chronological order and be sure to include appropriate time frames for each task. For example, start research 3 days before publishing, blog post written 1 day before publishing, Email and Social media posts go out within 1 hour of publishing.

(7) Identify the parts of the process that require your involvement and the parts that could easily be done by someone else. Unless you have a sweet copywriter who understands your personality well enough to do a Freaky Friday body/mind switch with you in order to write your posts, you’ll probably have to continue to write the actual blog post. The editing, formatting and social media posting and email could easily and affordably be outsourced to a virtual assistant (VA).

(8) Asses the parts of the process that require your involvement and look for ways that you could make those parts more efficient. Continuing with the example of the blog post: keeping a running list of blog topics so that you’re never wasting time thinking of what to write about can streamline the process and it also paves the way for hiring that sweet copywriter, should you ever decide to go that route.

(9) Do a trial run. Now that you’ve got the process down and you’re outsourcing the repetitive tasks to a VA, give it a whirl. As contradictory as it sound, as conciouspreneurs we do much of our work unconsciously. It’s like muscle memory, but for tasks. Even though you’ve written down the process you go through to accomplish publishing a blog post, there are surely bits and pieces that were left off the list, because you do them without thinking, but your assistant probably won’t. The first time you publish a blog post, launch a new service or schedule social media content with a new VA, you’re going to find some wrinkles that must be ironed.

(10) Edit and Implement Like any good process, we continually have to be on the look out for ways to streamline and for missing parts and pieces. Your trial run will quickly reveal what’s missing. I encourage you to fill in the blanks while you’re going through the trial run, rather than waiting until afterwards.

Now, enjoy the fruits of your labor–an extra 30 minutes to an hour several times a week! What will you do with all that time?

Create a few more systems, I hope!

Clearly you can’t create a system for teaching your yoga classes or meeting with clients, but you CAN be more efficient in most billing, admin and support tasks. If you want to know how, stay tuned for next week’s post.

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Are You Underearning? Listen (Podcast)

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

If you’ve been up in my business for long, you know that I’ve learned many life and business lessons the dark and painful way. Instead of covering up the scars that my history, lineage and choices have left, I am inspired to bare it all.

Great change was never sparked by people hiding from their true self.

As a science-minded creative, just sharing my story isn’t enough. I am driven to create systems and strategies that can be reproduced by my clients, helping them navigate through consciouspreneurship with less suffering (can’t promise none, because let’s face it, the struggle is real) and more abundance. I have dissected my life experience, both trauma and success, to create strategic and creative education and inspiration that I use in my coaching business. I have studied business strategy, tested it and drawn my own conclusions. You don’t have to make my mistakes. You don’t have to live my trauma. But you can learn my lessons.

Underearning is one of these lessons. Near and dear to my heart, because I’ve been there and nearly every single client I have ever worked with has struggled with this. It’s real and completely unnecessary. And it’s an epidemic in the passion-fueled, mission-driven business world. This is why we need to talk about it.

To truly dig deep into unraveling underearning, you’ve got to allow yourself to relax, feel and process. So sit back, relax and keep an open mind. Please note that in this recording I share some very personal, adult content that may not be suitable for tiny ears.


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