Effective Free Sessions Start with Skill

free sessions

Free sessions are a a powerful way to get in front of people, show them your talents and build your credibility. As an added bonus, free sessions are a tool to filter out those people who are just not ready to work with us.

But, they have their dark side.

I am intimately familiar with the ugly parts of free sessions. I’ve made every mistake and crossed every time and money boundary in acts of desperation. I gave to the detriment of our own success. I also learned my lessons.

I still offer free sessions, but they are strategic, skillful and make my business rather than break it.

In this podcast, I’ll answer these burning questions that you may not even know you had:

  • How much of your time should I dedicate to free sessions?
  • How much information do I provide in a free session?
  • How do I avoid spending time and energy with the wrong people?

Ready to rock the free sessions? Take a listen!

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Choosing Your Passion-Fueled Business Path(s).

multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurYou have to choose one business, they said.

Pursue the profit, they said.

I didn’t listen to them.

Today,  I’m sharing my story of simultaneously growing two purpose-and-passion-fueled businesses over seven years. The passion-fueled business path wasn’t always deep breaths and sweet savasanas. But, I live to tell my story from a place of fulfillment.

The answer isn’t always to follow multiple paths. But the answer does invariably lie within. Take a listen to my story and then head over to the Conscious Creative Kula to get your daily dose of support.

Serious supports + traits to have in place before you consider building two businesses at once:

  • Reliable Childcare (if you’re a work-from-home or working-2-jobs parent)

When my daughter was born, my mother, sister and in-laws provided free childcare (a serious lifesaver and a blessing!). There is no way I could have built 2 businesses to profitability so quickly without their support. Period.

  • Savings (or an alternate revenue stream) and a willingness to sacrifice

My husband and I made a commitment to do without and we let go of any extraneous expenses. We skipped extravagant vacations, concerts, and movie nights. We counted our pennies and went on a budget. And we relied on his income (he is also self-employed) while the businesses were moving from start-up to profitability.

  • A supportive partner

Because someone will have to feed you! Just kidding….kind of.

  • A drive to succeed at all costs – doubts, fears and uncertainty be damned!

If you’re not an intrinsically motivated, self-directed, figure-it-all-out yourself and keep taking action kinda person, well….you may need to reconsider the dual business approach to entrepreneurship. It isn’t for the faint of heart! But if you ARE an ambitious yogi with a drive for world domination (for the greater good, naturally), then have at it! Keep believing in yourself and keep taking action.

  • A business coach (or several)

I hired 5 business coaches for 1×1 work and invested thousands of dollars into my own professional development. It’s not a coincidence that each business is thriving – it’s by design! If you want to take your passion-and-purpose driven businesses to the next level, get support from someone who has done it.


In equally exciting news, my free digital course Goddess Gifts | A Digital Course to Light Your HeartFire is BACK. Make some time in your life for self-study and see how quickly you’ll start to live more luminously!

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Are you a Multi-passionate? How to Decide which Passion to Follow.


Right Brain hemisphere emotions, spirituality, creativity

You’re a multi-passionate.

Most of the time, you are being pulled in a million different directions.

You’re a creative giant. You are a woman of many skills and your brain is chock-full of ideas, visions and plans.

If you’re really honest, your many passions may actually get you into trouble. You have so many interests and ideas that your energy is often spread thin. You can’t do it all at full force all the time. You’ve got to make some decisions about which passions to follow and how to follow them.

And fortunately for you, that’s just what I’m talking about this week. Go on, have a listen.


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Need More Time? Create it (and Save it) with a System.

Create Time with Systems

If you haven’t yet figured out how to clone yourself, you need systems. (Click to Tweet!)

And if you have figured out how to clone yourself, I’m going to need you to contact me immediately. Name your price!

In all seriousness, even if you had a clone, your clone self would eventually need a clone and that clone would need a clone and… you’ll still need systems.

Systems mechanize routine tasks, streamline repetitive tasks, and eliminate the feeling that you’re doing something for the 1000th time. Once of the most tangible benefits of systems is they allow you to move more from the To Do pile into the DONE pile. Systems make the process run more smoothly and give you something to track. They also take the guesswork out of multi-step procedures, allowing you to bring on targeted support (karma yogis, admin support, a virtual assistant or team). This facilitates a better work experience for whomever you hire as support and frees time for you.

Systems are how you clone yourself. (I just saved you a few million dollars without asking for a single thing in return. If that’s not a reason to trust me, I don’t know what is.)

Feel like you’re writing the same email over and over again? You probably are! Create a “canned email” instead –and Boom! System. Precious minutes saved every day. (Click to Tweet!)

Answering the same questions about your teacher training / series class / private classes? Create an information sheet and send it out to everyone who is interested. Boom! System. Time saved.

Re-creating your fliers from scratch for every single workshop / private class / retreat? Create a template for each flier then change out the relevant dates + deets each time. Boom! System.

Ready to get cloning? Good, because we’re doing this now!

(1) Make a massive To Do list (or ya know, just pull out your current To Do list!)

Include all your nagging To Dos for your business plus the daily upkeep tasks like answering emails, returning calls, teaching classes and creating content Don’t forget to add long-term to dos for projects that you need to get started and those marketing tasks that you’re always meaning to get around to. Remember to add all your daily To-Do’s (posting on your social media accounts, writing blog posts, and working on your newsletter).

(2) Divide a piece of paper (it may need to be a XXL piece of paper) into 6 sections by drawing 2 large horizontal lines and one large vertical line.

Now you have six boxes on your page. Label the first box MANY TIMES DAILY, label the second box DAILY, and the following 4 boxes get the labels, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY and ANNUALLY//OCCASIONALLY.

(3) Take the tasks from your to do list and categorize them in these boxes.

As you start to fill in the boxes, many other to dos for the weeks and months ahead will pop into your head, categorize those too!

Below, I’ve provided some examples below of tasks that fall into each of these categories, but take your time to really think about what you’re doing in your business day to day, month to month, quarter to quarter.

Responding to clients (phone or emails)
Teaching classes
Social Media Posts

Opening/closing the studio
Cleaning the studio floor
Driving to your private client’s home
Blog posts
Returning calls + responding to potential-client emails / inquiries
Creating content

Weekly blog post
Weekly newsletter
Going to the bank
Supply run

Bookkeeping + invoicing clients
Monthly newsletter
Workshop or special offering

List building offer – challenge, interview series, guest blogging
revise teacher training curriculum
promote and deliver workshops / retreats / series classes

Business + Marketing plan
Bookings + Promotion 

(4) Write down your big vision goals and the tasks that will move you closer to those goals. Divide these up into the six boxes. Some of these tasks may already overlap. For example, if you want to establish yourself as an expert in the field, you need to blog about the topic. So blogging should be on your daily or weekly task list and you should be sending out a weekly newsletter letting everyone know about your new posts.

(5) Identify the tasks that repeat frequently. Nearly everything that you CAN systematize in your daily column, you should.

(6) Document the process you go through to complete each of these repetitive tasks. For example, a blog post requires that you come up with a topic, research supplementary support, write the post, edit, format the post, add links and a photo, check for SEO, publish and distribute via social media and email. Create this list in chronological order and be sure to include appropriate time frames for each task. For example, start research 3 days before publishing, blog post written 1 day before publishing, Email and Social media posts go out within 1 hour of publishing.

(7) Identify the parts of the process that require your involvement and the parts that could easily be done by someone else. Unless you have a sweet copywriter who understands your personality well enough to do a Freaky Friday body/mind switch with you in order to write your posts, you’ll probably have to continue to write the actual blog post. The editing, formatting and social media posting and email could easily and affordably be outsourced to a virtual assistant (VA).

(8) Asses the parts of the process that require your involvement and look for ways that you could make those parts more efficient. Continuing with the example of the blog post: keeping a running list of blog topics so that you’re never wasting time thinking of what to write about can streamline the process and it also paves the way for hiring that sweet copywriter, should you ever decide to go that route.

(9) Do a trial run. Now that you’ve got the process down and you’re outsourcing the repetitive tasks to a VA, give it a whirl. As contradictory as it sound, as conciouspreneurs we do much of our work unconsciously. It’s like muscle memory, but for tasks. Even though you’ve written down the process you go through to accomplish publishing a blog post, there are surely bits and pieces that were left off the list, because you do them without thinking, but your assistant probably won’t. The first time you publish a blog post, launch a new service or schedule social media content with a new VA, you’re going to find some wrinkles that must be ironed.

(10) Edit and Implement Like any good process, we continually have to be on the look out for ways to streamline and for missing parts and pieces. Your trial run will quickly reveal what’s missing. I encourage you to fill in the blanks while you’re going through the trial run, rather than waiting until afterwards.

Now, enjoy the fruits of your labor–an extra 30 minutes to an hour several times a week! What will you do with all that time?

Create a few more systems, I hope!

Clearly you can’t create a system for teaching your yoga classes or meeting with clients, but you CAN be more efficient in most billing, admin and support tasks. If you want to know how, stay tuned for next week’s post.

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Are You Underearning? Listen (Podcast)

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

If you’ve been up in my business for long, you know that I’ve learned many life and business lessons the dark and painful way. Instead of covering up the scars that my history, lineage and choices have left, I am inspired to bare it all.

Great change was never sparked by people hiding from their true self.

As a science-minded creative, just sharing my story isn’t enough. I am driven to create systems and strategies that can be reproduced by my clients, helping them navigate through consciouspreneurship with less suffering (can’t promise none, because let’s face it, the struggle is real) and more abundance. I have dissected my life experience, both trauma and success, to create strategic and creative education and inspiration that I use in my coaching business. I have studied business strategy, tested it and drawn my own conclusions. You don’t have to make my mistakes. You don’t have to live my trauma. But you can learn my lessons.

Underearning is one of these lessons. Near and dear to my heart, because I’ve been there and nearly every single client I have ever worked with has struggled with this. It’s real and completely unnecessary. And it’s an epidemic in the passion-fueled, mission-driven business world. This is why we need to talk about it.

To truly dig deep into unraveling underearning, you’ve got to allow yourself to relax, feel and process. So sit back, relax and keep an open mind. Please note that in this recording I share some very personal, adult content that may not be suitable for tiny ears.


P.S. Registration for From Purpose to Profit closes tomorrow. If you’re ready to stop the cycle of underearning and run a creative and profitable business fueled by passion and strategy, this is how you’re going to do it. And the Summer Solopreneur $600 discount is gonna be going, going, gone really soon: because I gotta walk my ‘Slaying the Undearning Dragon’ Talk. Register now, because good things come to those who take action!


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Timing + Other Soul-Sucking Lies We Tell To Avoid Following Our Passions

Do you have big dreams? A million dollar idea you’re sitting on? A passion project you’ve been keeping tucked away, safe in your heart?

I know I do.

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been aching my entire life to profit from my passions.

I love yoga. I love writing. I love making pretty things. I love transformation and powerful conversations. Most of all, I love to create.

It’s been the dream of my life to have a creative (location-independent) career that supports my family, supports others in doing meaningful work, and makes a difference in the world. (I’m living that dream right now. #grateful).

Passion (and service and beauty in all its forms) guides my career choices. I listen to my intuition when it comes to creating (my passion), sharing and supporting others. Because Creating – in all it’s forms – really is the great work of my life.

And I believe…

Wake Up Quote Paul Valery
For many years, I told myself this one soul-sucking lie: “it’s not the right time.”

Closely followed by this lie: “If you just do / achieve / finish this, THEN you can follow your heart.”

Fast-forward to present day: my beliefs (and behaviors) have shifted.

Here’s what I believe (and do) instead:

First, I no longer sacrifice my future dreams on the altar of the present.

I take measured, intentional steps towards more purpose, more profit, and more passion in my life and in my business. Yea, transformation is messy, growth is uncomfortable and business is a challenge. Oh, and being a mamapreneur? EVEN F*CKING HARDER. I know it. I own it. And I put my Big Girl Panties on and SHOW UP because…

Second, I no longer believe that there is a “right time” to follow your heart.

The right time is ALWAYS NOW. And I want my daughter to know that, deep in her bones – so she won’t waste as much time as I did. Because…

Third, being in a passion+purpose-fueled business is WORTH IT ALL.

I have the best job in the world: I help people TRANSFORM their self-concept, wealth-concept, and share their creative gifts with others. I wake up every morning excited to go to “work” and filled with ideas for creative gifts I can share with my Dream Clients. I get a huge thrill in others’ creative successes. I get to make art for fun. I get to travel, teach, learn and most importantly – I get to create.

All that? That’s my dream come true.

And yes, it’s hard to follow your heart.

That’s why you get strategic support (have you checked out this awesome freebie?). Inspiration will only take you so far.

But what would you prefer? To keep dousing your HeartFire? Or to wake up and make your dreams come true?

Wake up to the fact that those ideas you’re hiding in your heart are begging to see the light of day.

Wake up to one-at-a-time Action Steps you can take toward more fulfillment in your passion-fueled business.

Wake up and get clear on what you have to share that is unique, precious AND profitable.

Wake up and plant seeds of intention in your passion-and-purpose-fueled business so you can avoid the feast-or-famine cycle that plagues the conscious, creative business world.

Wake up NOW, not in 3 years when you’re (still) burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed, in debt and full of resentment.

Get ready, here’s a powerful question coming at you:

I’m all about Universal Timing, but if you’re waiting for that fear in your belly to dissipate, here’s a newsflash:

it never goes away. (it just gets easier to feel the fear and act anyway). Acting in spite of the fear is what allows you to create your own dream-come-true life.

There is never a *right* time to do something crazybeautifulamazing like share your creative gifts while doing meaningful work in the world.

How about you start NOW?

I’m waiting for you over here.

I want to help you bring your conscious creative vision to the world.

I want to help you WAKE UP and start making your own dreams come true.

From Purpose to Profit is a high-end intimate group coaching program that adds rocket-fueled business strategy to your conscious, creative vision.

Just in time to launch your next big (profitable) thing in the Fall.

Are you up for the (creative) challenge?

I created this course for the purpose-driven creative who is aching to make an impact on the world, and has the creative fire to make that happen (yoga teachers, conscious business owners, coaches and creatives, I’m talking to you.)

The best part?

It’s the EXACT template I followed as a multipassionate, service-driven creative to create two profitable, purpose-driven businesses [this one and this one].

If you’re asking “But am I ready?,” the answer is yes if..

  • you have a burning desire to share your creative gifts with the world
  • you are obsessed by the idea of profiting from your passions + creativity, even if it hasn’t happened yet
  • you think the business-side of business is boring -because you’re a creative, artistic, nurturing type
  • you are in a conscious, creative business and it’s not yet profitable (yogis, coaches, designers, artists, intuitives, acupuncturists, writers – I’m talking to you)
  • you would like to begin a business founded on your passions but need some guidance on the EXACT NEXT STEPS.

Sound like you? I thought so.

Click here – your dreams are calling.


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Profiting from Your Creativity


ProfitFromYourCreativity2You’re a multi-passionate.

You’re a creative giant.

You are filled to the brim with ideas.

So now the question is, how are you going to harness all of that to turn it into a fruitful and fulfilling business?

Best advice: Go with the flow

As you start to or continue to take strategic action in your conscious, creative business, you’ll notice that some things will naturally start to drop off.

Even better advice: Don’t panic.

The adage goes that you can do anything, but not everything. The things that drop off are our opportunities to learn. Sometimes we need to learn about what is really important to us. Sometimes we need to turn inward to uncover our Goddess Gifts.

Sometimes passion projects do turn into your main source of revenue {you’re in business to make money, right?}. Other times, they turn into ways you can enrich your business or the client experience.

Example: I began designing and creating jewelry in high school as a creative outlet and it stuck with me. I make meaningful jewelry with natural stones and semi-precious metals. The creative endeavor helped me earn spending money to backpack through Europe after college, to grow my yoga studio’s eco-boutique, and to generate much-needed income during the slow season at the studio. I would create a new jewelry line each season to correspond with the new fashion in the eco-boutique and then host an eco-fashion show as a community-building event.

Jewelry design and creation makes my heart sing.

I don’t earn a living making jewelry anymore.

After I closed the studio, I tried to build the jewelry line and the yoga school at the same time. I set up my Etsy shop, I networked with my yoga fashion contacts, I got booths at a few festivals.  I did all the right things. Ultimately, though, my intuition told me jewelry wasn’t the right business for me at the time.

Instead of launching a jewelry design business, I focused my creativity on writing and refining the curriculum for my yoga therapy teacher training and building a strong location-independent business.

But I still love making jewelry.

Now, I make handmade gifts for my clients, colleagues, and friends. It’s an unexpected and thoughtful way to bring all of myself into my business, without burning myself out.

The moral of this story?

Be intuitive and be aware.

When you take a step back from the daily grind of your business (or the dream business in your head), it is usually easy to see where the money is coming in and where your talents are being effective. Those are the spaces and places where you have to focus your energy in order to make a difference and a living doing what you love.

But that doesn’t mean everything else that you’re passionate about has to fall by the wayside.

It means you’ve got to harness even more of that creativity to come up with ways to incorporate all of yourself into your business. Sometimes those various part of you are not directly tied to revenue, but they offer a different type of fulfillment—matters of the heart.

As a Business Coach for conscious creatives, many of my clients are multipassionates in the healing and wellness industry. They are creatives-in-yoga-clothing, Mindful Moms with a deep need to creatively express, multipassionate yoga teachers and other life and Health Coaches. In other words: multipassionates with a Both/And mentality.

Yoga studio owner and Health Coach with a passion for sacred, healing gemstones.

Yoga Therapist and Essential Oil Educator with a creative streak and little ones at home.

Writer and Yoga Teacher with a love for self-transformation and desire to empower others.

Full-time corporate job and part-time Yoga Teacher with a passion to share spiritual retreats.

Work-from-home-Mom and aspiring Writer with a love for visual art.

Therapeutic Bodyworker and Birth Arts Advocate with a passion to help other mom’s find health + happiness.

I’ve found that for many of my multipassionate clients the path is very clear. But for others, the lines are blurry and the heart strings are being pulled in different directions. Take heart: You don’t have to see the entire path. You do need to know where you want to go and where to take the next step. Finding clarity to take those next steps is the only way we will truly profit from our passions.

Once you are clear, you need strategy and need support. This is exactly why I created the kula-experience of From Purpose to Profit: a conscious creative business coaching program. Because the multi-passionate struggle is real and support really is the not-so-secret ingredient to success.

And because the multi-passionate struggle comes with its financial implications, I’m hosting a FREE teleclass on Tuesday, July 15th. If you want to profit from your passions – while making a difference in the world – then you need to run your business (or dream business) like a Conscious Creative. You need to be equal parts intentional, strategic and passion-fueled. In this free digital workshop, I’ll show you how to align your passions, your purpose, and your creative gifts to do more (profitable) meaningful work in the world. Even if you don’t join us for the From Purpose to Profit experience, I hope to ‘see’ you next Tuesday, July 15 @ 7 p EST for Profit from your Creativity: the EightFold Path to Conscious Creative Business Success.

What skills and gifts are you divided on at the moment? Are you stuck, feeling like you have to choose between your talents? Let me know in the comments below!


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Want to do Meaningful Work? Own your Weaknesses.

“Focus on the positive,” they say.

“You’re so talented,” they say.

“Hone your strengths,” they say.

“You’re flawed. Own it,” said no one ever.

Until now.

We can fuel our HeartFire and incite action that will change the world, but even the most talented among us—the women that make you think “how does she do it all,” will tell you that they don’t do it all. (Assuming that they are authentic and human.) They own the light of their Goddess Gifts, but they also own their dark side.

You have a dark side, too. You’re flawed. Imperfect. A Shadow hangs over you. Actually, a shadow lies within and around you. Sometimes it’s even out in front.

I still love you and I want you to own your weaknesses. Be just as open about them as you are about your gifts because you can’t be a light for others without first shining the light of inquiry on yourself.

There’s another very good reason to get seriously honest. When you snuggle up to your shadow, it loses the power to captivate, distract or otherwise sabotage you. Knowing your mental defaults – the well-worn grooves in your thinking – is how you begin to unwind shadow’s capacity to captivate.

(If you’re thinking you don’t have a shadow side, then you have even more inner work to do than the rest of us, so sit tight and keep reading.)

Are you…


I know, it’s not really a word: but you know what I mean, don’t you? Are you letting the endless To-Do’s and task lists keep you a slave to achievement? Are you spinning your wheels trying to accomplish 20 different things in a single day? Are you feeling ungrounded, overwhelmed and unfocused?

Never satisfied?

You could solve world hunger today, but tomorrow you start at zero all over again. You’re either trying to beat yesterday’s accomplishments or trying to compensate for a lack thereof.


You haven’t started designgin/planning/selling because

The World Cup only happens every 4 years, you might as well watch.

Orange is the New Black

The phone rings, the baby cries and your Facebook feed beckons.


Somebody already took your idea, you’ll never be as good / pretty / wise as [insert your personal Shero] so why try?

You’re too busy to do your creative work, it’s too hot and you’re  too tired.

Any of these sound like you?

You may be feeling a little guilty at this point.

As you should be.

After all, wallowing in your weaknesses is shameful.

May I suggest that you just own them?

Society has taught us to hide our flaws. Skin breaking out? Slather it in concealer, cover that in foundation and top it off with powder. BUT, ain’t nothing gonna heal if you’re covering it in Photo Finish Foundation—do you know what’s in that shit?

You and I both know, if you let that sweet face get some oxygen, free it from that chemical funk, only then can it start to heal. Beautiful skin comes from the inside and so does a beautiful, prosperous life.

You almost forgot we were talking about your real flaws (didn’t you?)—not the ones we can cover up with makeup, but rather the ones that are preventing you from doing your best work in the world.

The only way to stop sweeping things under the rug is to get rid of the rug. Here’s how you start:

Be honest with yourself

How effectively are you using your time? How rigid are you with your schedule? Is that schedule working? How often are you getting distracted? What is distracting you?

Return to the Present Moment.

When you find your thoughts have wandered far far away from the task at hand, evaluate. Stop strengthening the distraction habit, too, by doing one. thing. only. No more checking Facebook in the car line, talking on the phone in the grocery store, eating and reading. One. Thing. Only.

Then, ask yourself: Does what you are doing support your long-term, purpose-driven Life Vision? If it does, than get back to it. If it doesn’t, why you are making time for it in your life? Are you getting distracted because the tasks that you’re filling your day don’t align with the future you want to create for yourself? Stop wasting your time.

Yes, getting back to work is important. But getting back to the right type of work is much more valuable.

Plan & Incentivize

There are planners and there is everyone else. And even the planners have their flaws. I can fill an 18 month calendar with beautifully patterned washi tape. I know when I start, where my mid point is and when I end every project for the next 5 years. But, even the most prepared, have their moments.

Keep yourself focused with little celebrations for your accomplishments. Live each day as close to your Ideal Day as possible while intentionally acting on the small steps needed to bring you closer to your future dreams. Keep your eye on the prize, but don’t lose your intention along the way.


Enough about flaws for now (you’re not off the hook though), let’s celebrate your gifts. If you haven’t signed up for Goddess Gifts | A Digital Course to Light Your HeartFire, there’s still time. It’s free and it’s fabulous and I created it for you. Because we need to own every part of who we are and it’s challenging to do it alone.GoddessGifts3



Now, you don’t have to.





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Own your Goddess Gifts

photo 5 (2)

Have you ever met someone who truly wanted to do work that meant nothing to them or to anyone else? Imagine a woman whose goal in life is to make sure that she makes it through the day without being noticed and without making a difference in anyone’s life.

They are out there. Or at least, they may appear that way.

But deep down inside, we all have gifts that are aching to be unearthed. Even the most timid among us has Goddess Gifts.

What are Goddess Gifts?

Goddess Gifts go beyond personality traits, strengths and talents. Two, three, four people can have the same personality traits, strengths and talents. A simple Google search will yield personality test after personality test that puts us into a category and tells us how to make the most of who we are. They’ll tell you who you work the best with and what parts of life and work are better left to someone else.

But what do they know?

Your Goddess Gifts combine the complex elements of who you are—your history and your life experience— with your personality, strengths and talents to unveil an expression of all of these facets that is uniquely you.

And when you know yourself in this way, you can’t help but to live and move in this life with fulfillment, happiness and grace.

But knowing yourself takes inner work.

So. Much. Inner. Work.

And sometimes, when it comes to inner work, you just don’t know where to start. You know that you’re ready. You feel the creative energy surging through you, but you need some guidance as to where you should channel it. Or maybe you don’t even realize that it’s creative energy—oh, but it is!

I’ve been there.

Which is why I created Goddess Gifts | A Digital Course to Light Your HeartFire. In my work as a Holistic Business Coach, I help other conscious creative entrepreneurs master the art of conscious client attraction, discover how to combine their passions into a profitable business and help bring their precious work into the world. But these external aspects of conscious entrepreneurialism are only one part of the puzzle.

In order to fully inhabit our place in the world (and in business) we need first claim who we are – at our deep, radiant center.

In other words, we have to tune in before we can radiate out.

But as a dyed-in-the-wool multipassionate, I know how hard it is to hone in our work in the world.

So. Many. Passions.

How do we decide??

We listen up. We reflect. We dive deep.

Now, before you get all worked up telling me that you’re busy and broke—yes, yes, ain’t nobody got time for that— listen. Or, rather, read on.

This course is just 5 days out of your whole life and it’s completely * free*! Yes, you read that right.

It’s a labor of love, because I KNOW you need it (plus: it’s FUN!). I know you are richly talented and possess a precious combination and a particular expression of life’s universal energy. I know you are creative, passion-fueled and purpose-driven.


You can’t. You won’t. Even the woman whose goal in life is to make sure that she makes it through the day without being noticed and without making a difference in anyone’s life got lit up about the idea that she can live a life of authenticity, being exactly who she is and being comfortable with exactly who she is not. She got stoked! She quit her day job and moved to Bermuda to teach therapeutic paddleboard yoga.

Ok, enough about my fictional friend, there’s a lot more information about Goddess Gifts | A Digital Course to Light Your HeartFire over here.

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8 Reasons You Aren’t (Already) Making Money Teaching Private Yoga Sessions + Action Steps


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This blog post is one in a series of the #yogateachertour, a blog tour for yoga teachers looking to up-level their impact by teaching one-on-one private yoga sessions and creating a sustainable business around, powerful individual work. There are a number of awesome yoga experts contributing to the tour over the course of the month. Be sure to check out Kate Connell’s post on the top five mistakes (and strategies to avoid them) she made when she started teaching private yoga. And check out tomorrow’s post by Erin Aquin, too. Want to get all the #yogateachertour love? Follow along on social media using the hashtag #yogateachertour and get access to all of the insights and a-ha moments here.

8 Reasons You Aren’t (Already) Making Money Teaching Private Yoga Sessions

Today I really want to start with the reasons you’re not already making money teaching private yoga sessions. (The #1 reason is not what you think).

Before I tell you the #1 reason, I want to let you know that I completely understand how tough it is to ask for a fair wage, how hard it is to find clients for one-on-one sessions, and how difficult it is to teach skillful private yoga sessions. It is difficult to get established as a private yoga teacher.

But listen up, sister (or brother) in yoga. That’s NOT why you’re not making money teaching private yoga sessions.

You ready for the Honesty Pill? (grab a sip of water – the #1 reason is hard to swallow)

You’re not making money teaching private yoga sessions because ….

#1. You aren’t inviting people to work with you privately

Yep, that’s right: YOU aren’t asking for the sale! Instead of being pro-active and approaching your would-be Dream Clients, you’re waiting around, hoping the dedicated attendees in your weekly group class will come flocking up to you after that amazeballs class you just delivered throwing dolla-dolla bills, yo! Or at least dropping a “Namaste, yo, do you teach private classes?”

Well, keep waiting sweetheart. For that and for pigs with wings.

Here’s the thing: you could keep getting more training (and you really should, if you aren’t solid in your anatomy or if you’re teaching skills could use some polishing. See #2). Or, you could take the lead. You could help people (i.e., your Dream Clients) understand what a one-on-one yoga session (or 10-pack) can ACTUALLY do for their practice / their marriage / their health / their handstand.

Because just like the rest of the human race, your Dream Clients know what they want…NOT what they need. It’s up to you to take the lead and connect the dots between what they want (see #3 to figure out what they want) with what they need: one-on-one attention and the support to lovingly challenge, nurture and guide the evolution of their practice.

You (and your awesome private yoga sessions) are the solution your Dream Clients are seeking. When you realize that, everything you do comes from a place of generosity and service. When you realize that, it’s 100% easier to follow up their compliment on your most recent group class with a “Have you ever considered a one-on-one session?”

It is up to you to connect the dots between their biggest desire (or frustration) and your services. Then, understand that you are coming from a place of service. Finally, take the lead! Invite them to work with you one-on-one….then make the sale (see below). That’s the missing link between your marketing efforts and actually making money teaching private yoga.

What to do:

Take the lead. The next time a student comes up after class and drops a “that was such an amazing class!” or “I just want you to know that I sleep so well after your class!” or “I just gotta tell you that your class has totally saved my marriage” or “OMGosh, I am so inspired by your sexy biceps / rocking handstand!,” suggest that a one-on-one session is the best way to get some serious leverage (and long-lasting) results in their yoga practice. Let them know that you practice [insert # of times you practice a week] to [insert what it is that they commented/complimented you on] and that with a one-on-one session, they too can [insert outcome they care about: feel more balanced / feel better in their body / see big changes in their practice].

You must get over your fear and ask for the sale, already!  You need be the leader. YOU are the expert on yoga – not your students (unless they are. See #4). Your potential students started yoga for a reason: knowing what they want and how you (and YOGA) can help them get it, is the key to filling your private client list. And your bank account.

Simple Script to ask for the sale: [feel free to make this your own!]

Dream Client: I just want to let you know that the only night I sleep well is Tuesdays, right after your amazing Restorative class.

You: I’m so happy to hear that! Did you know Restorative yoga can help calm the nervous system and regularize your sleeping patterns? I’d love to work with you one-on-one to help you sleep better – more than once a week!

Dream Client: What, like a private session? I didn’t know you offered that.

You: I sure do and I’d love to work with you. We could meet once a week for the next month and I’d teach you simple practices to help you rest better all week long. My next available opening is [insert next time] and I offer a new student special of [insert new student incentive or package rate: such as 4 sessions for $375]. You can pay in full or put a $100 deposit on a credit card right now.

P.S. Inevitably, some people (even your Dream Clients) will get Sticker Shock. There are specific ways to deal with that and learning how to anticipate their reaction is key! See #7.

#2: You don’t know how to identify your Dream Client

In fact, you might even think your Dream Client is “someone who does yoga or maybe wants to do yoga.”

Repeat after me: “I can serve anyone, but I can’t serve everyone.”

One size fits all marketing will not work (example: Feel better with yoga! Come to my class!). You will reach no-one. Conversely, limiting your message by honing in on a specific target market will actually expand your reach (Example: Are you struggling to balance your energy and tired of feeling tired? Join me for Restorative Yoga for Women’s Health – a gentle class designed to harmonize feminine energy and expand your  inner and outer resources).

What to do:

You must understand who you want to work with and why YOU are the perfect-for-them teacher. In other words, you have to niche down to ripple out. If you’re struggling to find clients, chances are your marketing is inspecific and overly general. Take some time to figure out WHY you do what you do (Why do you teach yoga?), WHAT is it that you have to share (What is it that you really teach?), WHO you really love to work with (Who is your perfect client?) and HOW you do it differently (How are you / your classes special?).

Check out these articles to get started:

Bonus! Completing this process will help you solve the “I don’t know where to find private clients” conundrum.

P.S. Really ready to uplevel your teaching and build a dream career sharing yoga (while earning 5 or 6 figures a year?) Check this out.

#3: You don’t know what your Dream Client wants or needs

It’s not enough to know who your Dream Client is. You have to figure out their biggest problem, deepest desire or biggest need: then YOU have to create a solution.

What to do:

Once you figure out who your Dream Clients are, brainstorm their biggest needs and wants like the examples below:

Dream Client: New moms

Needs/wants: Better sleep, time for self-care, feeling nurtured, getting ‘back to their body,’ feeling desirable again

Dream Client: Middle-aged athletes

Needs/wants: more energy, better flexibility to strength ratio, anti-aging/restorative practices, appropriate cross-training to avoid injury

Then – create a service, package or series class to address those needs/wants.

#4: You don’t feel confident enough / qualified enough

First, I hear you. Totally. But if you were fortunate enough to attend a quality training that emphasized the skills difference for private yoga sessions vs. group sessions, and you’ve had a bit of practice teaching (50 hours or so), then you are probably ready. (Big ole’ caveat: if you can’t tell your humerus from your gastrocnemius, if you have no clue of yoga contraindications or if you are unable to teach a class without performing every posture, too … then you are NOT ready. Please get some additional training so you will avoid injuring your clients -and yourself.)

What to do:

Competence breeds confidence. Master your skills by hiring a mentor (here or here ) to help you hone the differences between one-on-one and group sessions. Get focused training in the area you want to work. Figure out who you want to work with, what it is they need and how you can use your skills, strengths and training to provide it.

#5: Your chaotic schedule is inhibiting profit from your one-on-one work

In the service-based industry, the hard truth is that you don’t get paid for non-client contact hours. Which means that if you want to earn a good living teaching yoga, your rates need to reflect the hours you spend doing administrative tasks (each new client brings an amount of admin work), transition time (the time between clients and/or the time spent traveling from location to location), and promotion/ marketing time and costs. If you are offering whenever/wherever private yoga sessions, you will quickly burnout and may actually see diminishing returns from your one-on-one work.

What to do:

Create the space in your schedule for one-on-one work. Choose 1-3 days and time chunks on each of those days for your work with one-on-one clients. Then, when you invite clients to work with you, offer them a choice within those time chunks. Book clients as close to back-to-back as possible (allow 15 minutes between session if you are using a designated space) then FILL THOSE SLOTS FIRST. Once you fill your 1-3 days, begin to branch out.

How do you do that? Check out this sample script:

“Ok, [Client name], based on your intake form responses, your goals for yoga practice and the initial session, I suggest we work together [insert #of times per month] for [insert length of time].

I’m confident that you’ll see [insert the outcome that you feel is appropriate -this is related to Client's goals and needs for yoga] with regular sessions over a period of [insert length of time].

I offer private yoga on [insert days of week and time range] and can get you on my calendar as early as [insert your next available date]. Which is better for you: [GIVE 2 OPTIONS: insert DAY of week and TIME of day]?”

P.S. If the client then asks for another time, consider how that will affect your transition time. Then decide if you want to offer it.

#6: You’re undercharging

A number of factors go into setting rates and deciding how much to charge per session varies yoga teacher to yoga teacher. That said, there are some general things to consider. There is an art and a science to pricing strategy but the most important thing to remember is that undercharging for a private yoga session does a huge disservice to yourself, to your clients and to your brother and sister teachers. Undercharging for a premium service actually harms our industry.

What to do:

First, you must remember to factor in your transition time and non-billable hours (#5). Then, consider what other services your Dream Client is already paying for (massage? personal training? acupuncture?). Next, take a hard look at your own finances and schedule: how many hours do you have to devote to private yoga and how much do you need to earn to remain in financial ease? Finally, consider what other teachers (of your caliber and experience) are charging.

This process can actually be FUN when you embrace it as a challenge!

P.S. Still feeling lost? Let’s hop on the phone for a Breakthrough session and hone in on your pricing strategy! (did I mention it’s free?)

#7: You don’t know how to deal with your Dream Client’s “Sticker Shock”

So you’ve done the work of setting your rates (not an easy feat) and you’ve connected with a Dream Client and pitched them your services. Woo-hoo! But we’ve all been there: you quote a rate for a one-on-one session and your Dream Client gasps and immediately says “I can’t afford that” (or some variation on the theme). Panic and shame rise in your chest and the following thoughts rapid-fire through your brain: maybe I AM charging too much! Why do I think I deserve that? Yoga is service! I should discount the session. No – I should give it away for free!.

Listen up: the problem isn’t your pricing. As long as you are charging a reasonable rate for a one-on-one session (more on that later) then the problem isn’t your price: it’s the potential client’s reaction to the price and your response (or lack thereof). Many people don’t understand the level of skill, support and attention they will receive with a one-on-one session. When you quote them a fair wage (between $75-$150), they are comparing the cost of a generic, one-size-fits-all group class ($15 or $20?) to a person-centered, customized, high-level service. It’s apples and oranges. And it is up to you, dear private yoga teacher, to educate them about the difference.

What to do:

Anticipate their reaction and deflect it before they even have it. This starts by YOU showing them the value of one-on-one work. How do you do that? Make the connection between what they want and need…and what you are offering! Value is a perception, not a fixed quality. People value what is important to them – and what is most important to your Dream Client is having their needs met, getting their problems solved and seeing their desires actualized. Once you take the lead and connect the dots for them, voilà! 

Before you can do any of this, however, you need to be clear on your Dream Client. And you need to become proficient at showing the value of your work. If you aren’t clear on What you do, Why you do it, Who you serve and How you do it differently than every other yoga teacher in the universe, then we should talk.

#8: You don’t want to work with people one-on-one

Maybe it’s a bit obvious but not everyone WANTS to be a private yoga teacher. Even though it’s a fast track to more financial ease as a yoga teacher, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way! There are so many ways to share yoga and yes, teaching private yoga sessions is one way to add 5 figures to your bottom line this year, but there are so many other options. If you don’t know how you like to work with people, do some inner work to get clear (P.S. I offer complementary Breakthrough to Clarity sessions just to help other yoga teachers and conscious creatives figure all that out! Grab a spot in my calendar here.)

The point is, if you aren’t filled with delight at the prospect of working with clients privately, DON’T DO IT. There are so many other ways to ‘make it’ in the yoga business and you have precious gifts to share with the world. Don’t waste another second doing something (or trying to do something) you don’t enjoy.

What to do:

Figure out how you really enjoying working with people!

Do you like working with small groups over a short period of time? Offer a mini-course or a series class – charge a higher rate, have a clear late cancel/attendance/refund policy and require pre-payment. Offer it once per quarter or build it out into a membership-style offering.

Do you like working with people who want a deeper experience of the practice? Offer philosophy / Ayurveda / lifestyle / “Deepen your Practice” Intensives. Charge a higher rate than a workshop or group class and follow up the Intensive with audio / video / print resources.

Do you enjoy teaching or supporting other yoga teachers? Offer an apprenticeship (live, one-on-one – like “job shadowing”) or a mentorship (can be virtual, via Skype or phone) program workshop for other yoga teachers.

Sounds exciting, right? 

There are so many options for high-value services in the yoga industry …and I’d love to teach you how to create your own innovative, passion-fueled high value service. That’s why I made the Yoga Educator Academy: the yoga industry’s only training and professional mentorship to help other yogis + yoginis create high value services (teacher trainings, private yoga, workshops, retreats and blended live/virtual programs). If you want to earn more teaching yoga – while working with Dream Clients you adore – then I made this program just for you.

So, did I miss anything? Talk back in the comments below!







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