Create the best value package you can offer by following these simple steps.

Design your package

Regardless of how long you’ve worked in the healing and helping arts, at some point, you will hit a wall.

The kind of wall that slams you in the face when you realize you’ve got yourself in a bit of a pickle and can’t earn any more money as you are fully booked doing one-on-one sessions. You have maxed out your work hours and against your better judgment have started booking clients into family time. No more time to trade for dollars!



If this is you then – congratulations!


Why you may ask? Well for one thing it shows me that you are in hot demand because your magic is being recognized by your tribe AND you are absolutely ready to start offering you’re A Grade clients an upgrade.

A chance for these particular clients to have an even better and more valuable experience with you —in a premium, package offering.


It is absolutely EXCITING to create a package that is filled to the brim with value for this perfect-fit client AND that allows you to leverage your time, energy and experience in new ways.


So why wait until you’re choking on the energy of your client’s needs?


Why not begin now by structuring your business to include a natural next step for the client ready to for more growth, healing and transformation?


When you consider the value you are able to deliver to a particular client —one who is ready for big change, big goals, or deep healing — crafting a sure-to-amaze package they can easily say yes to becomes a joy. Because exchanging their investment for a set of values and results (rather than the time you spend with them) is a win-win for both of you.


To begin, ask: what can I bring into my client’s world that will help them on their journey (that doesn’t necessarily equate to hand-holding, time-for-dollars energy exchange)?

From eCourses, Books, Podcasts, Community Access, digital programs, and collaborative offers from sister businesses and more – there are many ways you can build value into your package (and with each additional feature increases their investment) that doesn’t take you any more time or energy to deliver. In fact, more often than not it actually forces you to create a better product that defines you in the market, sets you apart from similar service providers and supports your clients who like to learn in different ways.


What if we take it up a notch?

Think about the actual time you spend with each client one on one that take up a package – it might only be an hour a week, BUT what if you could leverage that time and support 4 clients during the hour in a focused group experience? You could spend that time answering common questions, offering group guidance and delivering valuable wisdom to benefit the group.

The beauty of an offer like this is that it only takes one hour of your own personal time to support 4 (or more) amazing clients. It’s also a smart way of boosting your income and your impact while still staying true to your own values of transforming your client’s lives.


Now before I lose you completely, let me assure you that one-to-one support is always a great idea! In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to expand your influence and your income when you’re first starting out or when you are in the growth phase —especially if you focus on results-oriented individual packages that provide a high level of support. You and I both know that most people get the most results and traction when they have you guiding them personally. However, that premium one-to-one offer should be your most valuable product with a corresponding investment. It takes the most energy from you so should have the biggest monetary energy exchange.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, are you ready to give more, earn more, working less hours so you can concentrate on creating more magic?


If so, download the package creation guide and get started creating your high value package.



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Give them a chance to say YES!



I see so many heart centered entrepreneurs meet their PERFECT potential client…

They have a major problem.

You have the best solution.

They like you.

You like them.

They are nodding their head when they read your stuff, or talk to you.

They want more.

They trust you.

They know the value of the service the provide.


You don’t want to come across as pushy, so instead of offering them the service or product that you created to address their very important problem, you figure, “Well, they will get into contact when they’re ready.”

And you’d be very wrong.

Even when your perfect-fit potential client sees the value you provide and the solution you offer that will improve their life, you are still battling the biggest business stumbling block ever.


Inaction, resistance and procrastination (or “inertia” to encapsulate all three) are the biggest challenge for both your clients (and you!) in business.

Life gets busy. Rationalizations take over. People acclimate to the problem they have and figure, “Heck, I’ve lived with it for this long so I’ll keep pushing through.”


Life will get in the way for your clients. They will get busy and stressed with family duties, work duties, hobbies, obligations and everything BUT the solution you are providing. And since they are used to living with their pain (because they always have) they will justify the decision to do nothing.


Understanding that inertia (and resistance) are part of the human condition is the first step to being more comfortable in your role as “Assertive Solution-Provider.”


When you understand that inertia is a natural response to a decision that will push out of our comfort zone you are better able to confidently invite your perfect-fit potential client to work with you. You are better able to present the valuable services you offer in a “solution-centric” manner: and this is the key to supporting your client in overcoming inertia.

Sadly, too many gifted female healers and helpers consider inviting a client to work with them overly pushy or aggressive. If you can relate to that inherent resistance, you are in good company —and now that you are aware of it, you are able to take steps to overcome your resistance! Resistance to selling yourself is itself a factor in keeping your business small, stunting your business growth and keeping you stuck in an under-earning and overworking purgatory.


Instead, if you approach sales with a service-centric mindset, it it easier to overcome your fear of putting yourself out there. After all, you are going to transform your client’s lives by offering them the solution to their problem – so why would you take that opportunity away from them?

I like to treat sales as a fantastic opportunity to help someone. When you come from a place of service the yucky feelings that stop us from asking for the sale disappear.


Chances are you didn’t go into business to “make the sale.” In this industry, no one does! You are in business to support others in their journey to happier, healthier, more meaningful lives. You are in business for the greater good.


But you won’t be in business for long if you are unable to tell people how you help them and invite them to make a decision about having their problem solved.

And all that? That involves asking for the sale.

I often say to people that two things can happen.

  1. You present your amazing offer and they say yes: AWESOME you get to help someone.


  1. You present your amazing offer and they say no: Okay you’re in the exact same position if you didn’t ask. (and, let’s be clear: so is the client. They are choosing to sit with their problem —even when the opportunity to solve the problem is presented. Inertia.)

When you break down the process of inviting clients into your amazing business in this way, it becomes a no brainer – you may as well tell them about your valuable products and services because it may result in the opportunity to help them. The pros far outweigh the cons.

A little note about resistance: it doesn’t just happen for the clients you serve. It happens for you, too! One example of resistance in action is the Scarcity Belief. The Scarcity Belief goes something like this: “There are already TONS of people doing what I am doing, so how can I possibly compete?”


For one thing (if you have a fantastic, narrow and deep niche) there will always be an abundance of people who want to work with you —because of you! No one offers the special blend of unique magic that you do.

Clients are attracted to your way of doing things (everyone has their own flavor, quirks and style), to your shared values, and to your specific solution.


The bottom line is that through eradicating your own beliefs about scarcity, becoming more assertive in the role of “solution-provider,” and demonstrating your effective solutions, you empower your clients to get out of the rut of inertia.

The heart of sales is service, so give your potential clients the chance to say yes —for more happiness, health, transformation and meaning in their lives.  


Would love to hear about the next yes you receive, share your experiences in the Kula.



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A Simple way to price your offerings that works for the conscious entrepreneur.

A Simple way to price your offerings that works for the conscious entrepreneur.

As a conscious entrepreneur I know the work you do is your soul work and not for the money. But how do you price your passion, when everyone perceives things differently?


Take an organic apple. It nourishes your body in a clean and positive way. It grew in the earth in a sustainable and peaceful manner.

It’s 3 dollars for one apple.

Some people will scoff and yell it’s far too expensive and others will invest 3 dollars for a clean crisp fresh apple that tastes amazing. An investment into their health.


The same goes for pricing your offerings to your community.


Some people will scoff and think that it’s too expensive and they can get something cheaper and far less inferior. Then there will be those that will want to invest in YOU so you can invest back in them and help them with their problem.

They understand that you are the amazing solution they are looking for.

So how do you put a dollar figure on what you can bring to their world?

I always say that when you are paid correctly for the energy you put into your client you will be invigorated and energized. You will want to wake up in the morning and do it again and again and again, never feeling drained and overworked. For the exchange of their financial investment into you and your skills and expertise into them; was fair and balanced (therefore inspiring you to repeat it).

Many of you underestimate the journey YOU have been on to come to this point in time where you are creating this transformational experiences for clients.

You learned a lot, you cried a lot, you honed your craft and repeatedly refined it. This is why they are coming to you and your help.

You did the hard yards so you can fast-track your clients and that deserves you being financially rewarded for your expertise. Sure it might be easy for you now, but it wasn’t at the beginning. Remember, you’re not your target client – you’re further ahead along in the journey than they are.  

So my top tips to help you feel comfortable with charging more than you’re probably thinking about charging:

  • Believe You Deserve It: If you don’t’ believe you deserve it then you won’t be able to sell it. Sure it might feel icky at first but like everything it just takes practice.  Affirmations can help with this 🙂


  • Price yourself on the value you provide. Rather than compare yourself to other sisters businesses, consider the value your services provides. Are you saving your clients and customers time, money or energy? Are you enriching their lives by boosting happiness or health? Put a dollar figure on the resources and benefits you provide your client, then set a rate that reflects that value.

  • All It Takes Is One: All it takes is ONE sale for you to justify your pricing in your own mind. It’s funny that if someone else is prepared to spend the money with you then it must be okay.

Remember to price your offering on the value YOU provide and the transformation your clients receive. Use this FREE printable to simply price your offering. Jump over to the Kula and let me know how you go.

Kellie xx

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Dive into your expenses!


The summer is a perfect time for business housekeeping so over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some practical tools to support you in that process. A few weeks ago, I shared about how to take control of your expenses (if you missed that post, catch up right here).

Today, let’s take a deep dive into your expenses. No more worrying about if payments are due and if you will have enough to cover it anymore! You are going to record every expense you have in your business.

You are going to take action by running a magnifying glass over your expenses. I have created a FREE printable resource guide you can download here. Use the resource guide to help you work through the following 3 steps.

1. Categorize!

Categories are your friends. Categorizing your expenses allows you to form a budget for each category so you can then predict how much money you are going to spend each month.  Grab your bank or Paypal statement and comb through every line to pinpoint the amount you spend in each category.

Here are some basic categories to get you started:

  • Website (including hosting, domain name)
  • Insurance (liability, indemnity)
  • Stationary
  • Business Support Services (VA, Accountant, OBM etc)
  • Memberships & Subscriptions (software, courses)
  • Office or Studio Rent
  • Staff
  • Bank Fees (paypal, transaction fees)
  • Travel (flights, accommodation, taxi)
  • Phone & Internet
  • Marketing & Advertising (FB Ads, design of ads, flyers etc)
  • Gifts

2. Total it up!

Now that you have categorized all your expenses add them up! Total each category and add these into a monthly total.

Now sit back and take a look at these totals. Do you have enough revenue coming in to cover these expenses?

Are there expenses you really don’t need? If you have memberships for multiple platforms that you no longer use, cancel your membership. I know this is a big one for most entrepreneurs, especially if you suffer from shiny object syndrome and signed up for everything under the sun with good intentions and never actually used them! Ditch it now.

3. Budget

Now that you have your expenses compiled and totaled you need to work out a monthly budget.

Do you pay insurance or a subscription on a yearly or quarterly basis? You need to include this in your monthly budget. Get the total of the expense and divide by 12 or 3 (depending on how many months you pay in one lump sum) and then add this to your monthly budget.

You budget should cover your on-going expenses plus allow an additional 10% to cover any unexpected expenses that pop up.

Congratulations! You have now taken complete control of your expenses and know exactly where you are in your business.

But. There’s a big question that comes next: Does your business revenue cover these expenses? Will this allow for you to earn enough income for your own financial goals? If not revisit step 2 and slash some more expenses you don’t actually need (or apply for a Breakthrough to Clarity session and we’ll hash out a profit plan that actually works!).

Pop over to the Kula and share how your expense and budget plan went!

To doing more of what you love —more profitably,

KA signature 2

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5 Tips to Boost the Bottom Line in your Conscious Business

Conscious Business | Money Energy

As a conscious entrepreneur driven by passion and purpose, I know you don’t do the work for the money. You do the work for The Work. The end is the reward and you are strong in your purpose and clear that what you are doing is the correct professional (and life) path. You love what you do!

But as the old adage goes, love don’t pay the bills. And loving your work doesn’t always result in healthy financial flow in your business. Money (and profit, specifically) is an essential energy to longevity in business. If your business is not earning money (and profit), it becomes a costly, time-intensive hobby and a serious energy drain.

If you love what you do, but the money situation is leaving something to be desired, read on for my best tips for establishing a healthy cash flow in your conscious business.

1) Get focused

Focus is practical magic in business. Scattered services will scatter focus, and scattered focus means less (or slower) growth in business. 80% of your income is the direct result of 20% of your actions —identify those 20% actions and optimize, strategize and repeat. Here is a quick tip for laser focus that boosts the bottom line in your conscious business.

  • Aim for a cohesive results-oriented service and / product designed for a specific person, with a specific problem. Simplicity is sexy. Your potential clients get overwhelmed with too many options, confused by technical language and indecisive when faced with a hodge podge of services and products. Narrowing your focus to one, two or three cohesive offers (packages or results-oriented products) will provide a clear “pathway” for the potential client to follow —and that results in happy clients, more income, loads of referrals and repeat business.

Struggling with your business focus? Remember: you can do it all, just not at the same time! Get a simple strategy for generating laser focus right here and and a guide to planning right here.

2) Solve the right problems, for the right people

Cashflow in your business is a signifier that you are in alignment. If your business is solving the right problems, for the right people, and you are doing so in alignment with your soul’s purpose and sacred gifts  —then you will thrive. When you know who your potential client is, what problems they have, the problems they’re motivated to solve, and how you provide a unique and irresistible solution…well, that’s the business (and cash flow) sweet spot.

  • Figure out who exactly you serve / your business serves, what they need (the problem they have) and how you provide them a unique and irresistible solution (see #2).  Then, ask: what methods can my solution take? Where do I want the customer / client to end up? What other problems do they have / will they have that I can also solve?

If you’re stuck on any aspect of the above, your business (and cash flow) will suffer. Read more on this topic here and here and here.

3) Make it easy, fun, and aligned

One of the easiest ways to increase your income is to fold the BEST of what you offer into a package or series of services that your dream client needs (and will value) that is FUN for you to offer. If you are currently focused on selling one-to-one services, is that what you love? If not, what would be easier, more fun and more aligned? Can you envision a “next level” for the client in your one-on-one services?

  • Craft your fun and aligned “next-level” offers for more income and more ease in your business. Explore folding together everything you offer into one high value package (or service, or program) that a small percentage of your dream clients will easily say YES to. Not sure how to do that? Answer the questions below to get started:

:: What do they enjoy about working with you?

:: What benefits are they gaining from your work together?

:: What else do they need (or want) that you can provide?

:: What format can this work take?

4) Make peace with receiving

Are you a Giver? Chances are, the answer to that question is YES! Many of my clients are also Givers (like me) and have trouble receiving. Unconscious beliefs limit their ability to receive and the essence of those beliefs is scarcity. Keeping the money energy flowing in the right way is part of your responsibility as the leader of your business —and being a Giver, or being motivated by service, or being committed to the deeper Why behind your business is exactly why you need to make peace with receiving!

  • Eradicate scarcity-thinking and open to abundance. The world needs more business owners committed to prosperity that profits the world. Your work is meaningful, helpful, sacred and necessary. Your work changes people’s lives. Receiving compensation for your work is how you will continue to share it.

Some of the tools I share with clients to overcome blockages to receiving include the below:

Heal your money wounds here, upgrade your money mindset here and read up on women and money right here.

5) Take (focused) action

You must be clear on the actions necessary to meet your financial goals for business sustainability, otherwise, your business will not grow. Once you decide on your growth metrics and definition of financial “success,” the natural next step is to ask: how do I earn that? Meeting your income goals and remaining in Financial Ease™ is as easy (and as challenging) as setting a clear financial target, working backwards from that number and committing to taking the actions necessary to reach those goals.

  • Clarify your goals then take focused action every day. The practical magic of turning your goals into actual, tangible income involves an understanding of your market and a commitment to a marketing strategy that works for you.

Once you are clear on your financial goals, it is easier to reach those goals. Break your financial goals into service goals, then take focused action every day to meet your daily, weekly and monthly targets.

Ready for the next step? Download the (free) Path to Prosperity for Conscious Entrepreneurs right here.


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3 powerful questions for radical focus + mission expansion


If you’re ready (or nearly ready) for a big business shift of your own (one that results in more impact), then…

I have a few questions for you. 

But, first! A quick background on the questions….

In the spiritual traditions that guide my life (and business) there is a simple truth recited in manifold forms: As within, so without. Extrapolating this truth to the daily rhythms of living is part of my spiritual practice —and is the core of my business. You’ll see even more of this artful living approach to life and business over the next few months (and I hope you’ll join the “artful living” movement, too!).

The questions below are a sneak peek.

These questions hold the potential to radically shift your business, your mission and your focus. Why? Because they bring your mission and your deeper motivation to the surface and offer incremental steps to align you back with your intentions in business. By moving you away from your usual distractions, answering these questions creates the space for you to be more mindful, incredibly intentional and radically focused.

Focus is practical magic for business expansion (and life-shifting realizations).

Dive into the questions below, then share your insights in the Kula or in the comments below.

1. What are you committed to putting your TIME / ENERGY / RESOURCES over the next year?

General or specific —get focused.

  • An annual intention?
  • Expanding your audience?
  • Presenting at a conference?
  • Writing a book?
  • Strategic business growth?
  • Online marketing?
  • Program / Product development?
  • Balancing work and family / work and life?


2. Where are you spending TIME / ENERGY / RESOURCES that is detracting from your commitment?

You and I have the same 24 hours as Oprah —and the single mom of three working two jobs to make ends meet while taking her Associate’s degree classes online. If she can do that, you can do #1 (whatever #1 is.). It just takes FOCUS (and commitment —which you already have!).

You may need to create a No More List or a Stop Doing Contract —or do some inner work on your boundaries if you’re a Yes! person….like me 🙂

Here’s the lineup of Usual Suspects when it comes to time + energy drain:

  • Ineffective planning
  • Not prioritizing your commitments (not enough No’s)
  • Placing others’ needs + commitments ahead of your own (too many Yes’s)
  • Urgent vs. Important approach to time + task managment
  • Avoidance and procrastination
  • Down the rabbit hole of social media
  • Frenetic, misdirected or inconsistent action
  • Anxiety, self-doubt and Imposter Complex
  • Worrying and whining
  • Wasting time on activities that perpetuate the cycle of ordinary —rather than making the extraordinary your priority

What is holding you back | business design | goal support | motivation

3. What would it REALLY take to achieve your goal?

Step back and evaluate what is needed for your growth goal. In so doing, essential ingredients for success often appear and the effort required to achieve the goal is less than previously thought.

  • What habits, behaviors and beliefs need to change in order to see the change you desire?
  • What lifestyle changes or business practices need to shift?
  • What strategic support is required?
  • What resources are actually required (Time / Energy / Money)?

non-negotiable | business design | goal support | motivation


That’s it! Answering these three powerful questions radically shifted my own business (+ kept me laser-focused on my commitments). I can’t wait to hear how these questions shift your own life + business, too!

I’m looking forward to hearing all about it!


KA signature 2





P.S. Sharing is a beautiful thing. Share this post, share the business-building love!

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Take Control of your expenses!


The fastest way to have more money today (or tomorrow) is to spend less. As a business owner and entrepreneur you know the power of investing wisely for your business growth. But you’re also responsible for watching the pennies.

Last week on the blog, I shared about how to set yourself up for financial success in business. (if you missed that post, catch up right here).

Now that you know where you are in your business financially, you’re ready to move on to the next step: taking control of your expenses.

You’ve heard it before, do you really need that or do you just want it?  

When it comes to controlling your expenses you must determine what is a need and what is a want.  It’s okay to have both, you must prioritize your needs in order to comfortably achieve your wants. You also don’t want to be wasting money on things, products, services or software you no longer need.

Here are three steps you can take right now to control your expenses:

1. Organize a clean up

Practice the simple magic of tidying up in your business. Just like tidying the house, tidying your business includes removing any unused and unwanted products, programs or expenses you’ve held on to ‘just in case’ or because you simply forgot about them.  

Do you have memberships to multiple sites which all offer you the same thing? Unnecessary expense. Slash it.  

Did you sign up for something with the intent to use it but don’t? Unnecessary expense.

Cut it out.  

Multiple domain names fueled by inspiration now on auto-renewal? If you’re not using them, cancel them. Buh-bye.  

Eliminate the unnecessary expenses then save or reinvest the savings into other areas of your business to keep growing.

2. Allocate a budget for Tax, Health Insurance & 401K

I’m not an accountant so please check with yours in determining the amount required for the next step. Since you’re a solopreneur or working for yourself, ensure you are setting money aside for your business tax, health insurance and 401k retirement fund. Again: check with your accountant to determine exactly how much but a good guide to work towards is 15% of your revenue for tax, 10% for your 401k, plus your health insurance premium.

3. Reinvest the money your have saved in your financial cleanup

Now that you have cleaned up your expenses you will have some extra money that you can use to reinvest in your business. Here are a few ways you can which will help grow your business: Marketing – investing in a social media marketing campaign, facebook ads to grow your list. Coaching – to help you plan out your business, reach your next target. Business Assistant – hire a VA – whether it’s to look after your social media, help with just a few small tasks a month, this can really free you up so you can focus on income generating tasks.

I can’t wait to hear how much you were able to save per month by cleaning up your expenses, jump over to the Kula and let me know.

Kellie xx

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Do you understand your numbers?



Do you have your head in the sand when it comes to numbers in your business? You think your business is making money but when it comes down to it, you don’t really know. As a holistic entrepreneur it is so easy to get caught up in wanting to be of service to your clients, that you often forget you need to make money. You are running a business not an expensive hobby, so you need to start taking action now. Sit down and work through the following steps.



Step 1

Work out where you are in business, right at this moment in time.

  • Ensure you have a business bank account setup – don’t use your personal one any longer!
  • Set up a income and expense tracking process – either use an excel spreadsheet, or accounting software package. Wave is a free software which is easy to use, there is also Freshbooks, Xero and many more.
  • Enter in all your transactions for this financial year – you can do them by month if easier, start this month and work backwards.
  • Work out your current financial position


Step 2

Now that you know where you are in your business, ask yourself: Are you where you want to be? If you are not, you need to set goals to work towards.

  • Write down your quarterly, six monthly and year 1 , 2 goals.
  • How much income do you want to receive?
  • How many hours do you want to work to achieve these goals?
  • By answering these questions you can start to put a plan in place to work towards.


Step 3

Create an action plan to help you achieve these goals.

  • Do you need to hire a coach or mentor to help you achieve these goals? If you’ve set goals before — without success — it’s time to invest.
  • Do you need to join a mastermind or find an accountability buddy to help keep you accountable? It is no good setting these amazing goals and not keeping yourself accountable.
  • Once you have worked out what you need to do work out a plan on how to achieve these goals.
  • Work backwards from your goal. If you want to earn $10k per month, then work backwards you need to sell ten $1k packages, or five $2k packages etc.
  • Base your package rates somewhere between what you feel comfortable charging and what makes you a little uncomfortable. Why? Because too many women entrepreneurs under-earn. Choose a rate commensurate with the time, energy and resources the client will receive that also allows you to remain in financial ease. Once you establish effective rates and commensurate value for your services, products and programs, you will convert more would-be clients into happy-to-work-with-you clients.


Now that you have shined the light on your finances, come and share in the Kula your next month’s and quarter’s goals! I can’t wait to hear what they are.

Kellie xx

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Money a taboo topic?



Have you been programmed to have  a negative mindset towards money? Maybe you grew up in a home where money was a touchy subject and there never was enough. Maybe you have or still are  struggling with money in your own personal life, and these experiences are now reflecting on your business.

Fear grows in the dark – avoiding tough conversations about money  (or anything really), escalates fear around the topic and results in more stifled feelings and —you guessed it —even more fear. It becomes a much harder, bigger, more scary conversation when it stays in the dark. Shining light on the topic is THE best way to relieve fear so today, right now, let’s shed some light on the conversation – and gently begin to talk about money.

I am here to tell you, it is okay to talk about money. It is okay to focus on your finances and it is okay to want to be financially abundant. Beginning the conversation is the hardest part. By starting, we can re-write the scripts that have been playing in your mind and start to take control of your money situation.

What is money on a spiritual level?

Money is a form of energy. Balancing this  energy opens up  paths to receive it in return. If you are holding  this energy (money) tight from a fear of losing it or not having enough, energy blocks form. These blocks then impede the inflow of money.

Often, money is associated  with success so instead of focusing on the word money, shift your focus to what  success actually means for you. Once you define “success” for you ,the positive steps to take bring you there become clear.

Where your focus goes energy flows. So here are a few questions to start focusing on “success” on your own terms (financial or otherwise!) :

  • What are your financial goals for your business?
  • What are your service goals for your business?
  • Do you set weekly / monthly / quarterly “success lists”?
  • How was your week in business?
  • Did you have productive / successful week? If so, why was it productive?
  • Was it internal energy or external energy that impacted on your goals?

Actively participate in this inner conversation. When you focus on ways to define success, and to grow your income from that place, you are on the right path.

You also need to remember that people value money very differently, but that doesn’t mean that one person’s value is better than your value. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to money and your goals.

By starting the conversation and supporting your friends, peers and family you are helping to empower them.  Focus on lifting each other up, this will help you on your own money path.

Start the conversation now, join us in the Kula and let’s get the conversation rolling.

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Are you paralyzed in your business? Rewind to your why!


Are you getting confused and overwhelmed by the noise on the internet to ‘up level your business’, grow your client list and enticed to market to the masses – voices so loud that it’s deafening that small inner voice of yours?  The inner voice that wanted to start something wonderful.

I understand the struggle, there is so much to do —- email marketing, social media, blogging, planning, finances and more. There’s an overwhelming amount of information designed to support you in today to help in all the areas we need to focus on for our business is so overwhelming that at some point, analysis paralysis sets in and you end up feeling we can feel stuck.

Are you caught up in all of this noise about what you “should” be doing in your business?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the Action Plans and unsure of where to begin?

Do you sometimes forget why you started this business?

So why did you?

Breathe with me … take a really deep breath right now.

And exhale.

Let’s us sit, center be still and push the rewind button for a few minutes.

Let’s get back to the dream you had about starting your own business —- the awareness that you have something wonderful to share with the world your clients and that it was time to start a business that would allow you to do just that.

Find a tool or a few tools to help you remember why you started doing what you’re doing and create something that will help remind you about this on a daily basis because when things get hard – and they will – you’ll need something in your physical space that will signify the importance of what you’re doing.

Not every tool will work for everybody – some people love writing, listening, talking, creating new things – find the tool that will work for you. Some type of activity that you can do that will help you get back to why you started your business.

Here are a couple you can try:

1. Vision Boarding

Did you create a vision board when you started? If so, dig that out, does it still resonate with you? If it doesn’t, change it. If it does, take some time to breathe and honor the work that you put in to create that board and get back to those feelings that you felt as you were doing that work – the excitement of dreaming.

If you are creating a new one, you can put together a vision board by either cutting out images from your favorite magazines and sticking them on to a board, or you can use an online tool like fotor where you can drag and drop on to a board to create your collage.

It’s important to take action after creating the vision board – the action of placing it in an area that you’ll see every single day. Your office wall, your screen saver on your computer, etc.

2. Mantras

Using a daily mantra helps to program your brain on a subconscious level to bring abundance into your life and bring you closer to your why. Saying mantras out loud allows the universe to hear and feel your energy vibrations and start working in magical ways to bring you abundance. Remember everything that you say after “I am …” is true. Coming from a heart full of gratitude will allow you to receive abundance easily. Create your own matras or repeat the below mantras on a daily basis:

My purpose is clear, I am on the correct path.

I am open to receive abundance.


3. Gratitude Journaling

Think about your favorite client or that activity in your business that feels like you’re in the zone. You know that activity where it seems that time stands still, your face gets a little flushed, you can feel that you are making a difference in the universe. That space … that feeling … write about that.

This is forcing your mind to focus on the positive things and brings about positive energy.  Too often when we are feeling stuck and resistance we gravitate towards a negative mindset and by focusing on things that are working or going right in our lives and business (even small things) really helps move you into a positive and pro-active mindset. Changing our mindset which is what we are doing is going to help bring about more positivity and clarity into our lives.


4. Reminisce with a friend

If processing things out loud with someone helps, have tea with a friend and ask if you could talk about why you started your business. Having those words come out of your mouth about your why can help you get back to that feeling you had as you were starting out. When reminiscing about this with a friend, staying in that space – give no energy or attention to all of the outside noises and all of your to do’s. Just talk about why you’re doing what you’re doing. It may help to record this, listen to it later and pick out a few key words or phrases that you say and put use them as your screensaver, or create a picture with the words – put it someplace visible to have instant, visible reminders about your Why!

These are just a few tools to help you rewind to your why.

What is your favorite way to get unstuck?  Share some – others may need some help to get unstuck – your experience could help someone else!

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