Work Less + Earn More: Steal these Strategies


Before you become an entrepreneur, there is often a moment in time when what you want bumps up against your current state. For example, let’s say you crave freedom and flexibility but you’re stuck working a 9-to-5 job. Your desire for what you want will naturally bump up against your current limitations, thus providing you with contrast.

This contrast can be used as a compass to point you in the right direction… provided that you are ready to be guided.

For many entrepreneurs, it was this compass that led them to the land of self-employment. Sometimes we get here with a fantastic guide to lead the way (ie: a mentor or coach) and other times we’re on our own – navigating unfamiliar terrain and hoping that we find our way.

No matter how you reach your destination, sometimes it still doesn’t look exactly how we envisioned it. For those of you that craved freedom and flexibility, you might arrive at the heart of entrepreneurship and realize you’re working more than you did before you started. This newly found contrast can be a bit unsettling as the journey was meant to lead you to your preferred end state.

When I mapped out my 2016 business plans, I committed to the following things:

  1. STOP being everything to everyone: being a full-time Yoga Educator and a full-time Coach was no longer working for me. I had to choose.
  2. STOP being the bottleneck in my business: I needed to automate (or pass the torch on) as many things as possible so that I could spend my time with my daughter and…
  3. EXPAND my influence and increase my income without working more, so that I could be earning even while doing what my heart desires most.

However, committing to things in thought and paper is simply one piece. The next step, the much more difficult one, is action.

So, I took out my sparkly sword of discernment and chopped away at the signature offers and services that no longer fit my business vision.

I outsourced the things in my business that didn’t light my fire.

I got better at dealing with my fear of self-promotion and started showing up in a bigger way.
The results have been astounding.

My “no more playing small” approach to business is working — as of today I’m earning 3x more and working half as much!

The best part? I only made a few simple tweaks — and since I’m a “Learn it to share it” kinda gal, I’m over-the-moon excited to share exactly what I did and teach you how to do it too!

The Simple Strategies I Used to Get Massive Results (With Less Overwhelm)

Cut out the offers that were draining resources.
In my case, that was also a significant source of revenue so I had to get creative. Yoga Teacher training was a significant income source but the time spent to manage the school meant it used up a lot of resources. When I took a (non-emotional) look at the numbers, the answer was clear: retire myself from (most) live trainings.

Stepped fully into my zone of genius empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to do more of what they love, more profitably.
Retiring myself from live trainings also allowed me to eliminate the offers in my business that didn’t speak specifically to my niche: although I do work with yoga teachers, I also mentor coaches, acupuncture physicians, bodyworkers, intuitives and helpers of all kinds. The yoga-specific offers moved to the backburner so my niche got simultaneously broader and more clear.

Got specific and focused in all marketing and promotion.
Once I stepped into my zone serving conscious women entrepreneurs in the healing and helping arts, I became much more confident and creative. Believe it or not, I used to dread writing blog posts, newsletters and social media updates. Now that I’ve focused in on helping women in the healing and helping arts earn more, work less and increase their influence, I have sooooo much to say that showing up and sharing inspiring, relevant, actionable content is actually fun! Even better, my fear (a.k.a. “internal ick-factor”) of self-promotion is nearly gone. Telling (the right) people how I can help solve their problems (namely: not earning enough, not enough clients, hitting an income ceiling, low visibility, overwhelmed) feels like a service —not sales.

So, now what?

Now it’s your turn! Spend some time cozying up to your desires —for your business and your life. What is it that you truly crave? What will it take to get there? And, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

Leave me a comment below and tell me: what was the one surprise realization that you had when you arrived into the heart of entrepreneurship?

* * *

Are You a Conscious Entrepreneur Who is Ready to Play Bigger?

If you want to kick the overwhelm, overworked, burnt out beyond repair cycle, head over >> HERE << to work smarter (NOT harder). I’ll *see* you on the other side!

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Drown Out the Hype: When (and How) to Invest in Your Business

kaboompics.com_Happy Coffee

It’s that time of year:

Resolution reality has set in, self-improvement is on the rise, goal support and inspiration is around every social media corner and — my personal favorite — business courses from every guru promising you the moon.

The marketing hype at this time of year is huge… Your Inbox may look a little like mine does. Experts promising you that…

2016 will be your best year ever!
you’ll finally kick the feast-or-famine cycle to the curb!
you’ll find your tribe online so you can earn money while you sleep!
you’ll L-O-V-E your business so much!
you’ll be able to afford exotic vacations —maybe even on a private yacht!

Any of that sound familiar?

I’m all for positive affirmations and goal-setting but I also know that there’s a part of business and life that requires a little grounding… the space where the roots take hold. And, as a heart-conscious entrepreneur, I know that you want to feel good in your business and take action that also feels really, really good.

The truth is, there’s a lot of business support out there. Expensive courses, multi-week programs and coaching options for days.

There are going to be times in your business when investing in these courses, programs and coaching makes complete sense and will help drive your business forward. There will be other times when it’s not the best direction for you to be heading in.

But, how do you know when is the right time and where to go for help?

It’s no secret that the best business support is the targeted, individual kind. That doesn’t mean there aren’t excellent business courses available online — in fact, there are so many it’s difficult to choose! But an online course isn’t always the most effective use of your time or other resources. It’s important to understand the ups and downs of the course: more than anything, courses are about INFORMATION. But business? Business is about IMPLEMENTATION.

I want to ensure you choose the right program (or coach) for your needs, because saving money — especially in business — is so hot.

Wantrepreneur to Startup Phase

  • Where you are in business: Just starting out or just starting to treat your business like a business
  • Needs: legal structure, financial model, business design and planning, ideal client (target market) research
  • Wants: pretty website and your first (few) paying clients!

If you’re brand new to your business or new to taking your business seriously, you’ll want to start ultra basic. Understanding who you serve, how you do it differently than everyone else and how to reach your target audience is imperative. If you don’t know this, you won’t want to throw down money on a website or marketing strategy (yet).

First, you need to understand business, including the financial model (where the money comes from) and how to get what you have in front of the right folks. I know it isn’t the most popular advice, but if you’re at this point in business, investing in targeted one-on-one support with a coach or mentor is the most effective investment.

The conundrum? Many businesses at this phase don’t have the resources to invest in one-on-one support so they DIY it — or throw down $2000-$5000 for an online learning experience where they get lost in the crowd.

If you can’t find a business coach who works with entrepreneurs in the startup phase (or the start-taking-the-business-seriously phase), look up local business MeetUp groups, ask an experienced entrepreneur for some advice, or book a meeting with a Score professional in your area for help with everything from accounting referrals to business plan creation.

Ready for Growth Phase

  • Where you are in business: You’re ready to take your business to the next level. You’ve had some success, have a solid foundation and now need to fine-tune some of your systems for maximum profitability.
  • Needs: employees or subcontractors (business support), business strategy, marketing strategy including sales funnel creation, press and promotion opportunities, online presence.
  • Wants: more freedom, more income, nicer website, more influence online

You’ve had some success in business — or are ready to take responsibility for your own success — and are ready for the next phase. The “next phase” may be from group offerings to one-on-one services, one-on-one services to large group programs, or making the shift away from services into products, programs and passive revenue.

If you aren’t already online at this point in your business, you’ll want to be! Developing a social and media presence is crucial for making the leap into a more streamlined, growth-centric business model — whatever final shape it takes. A cautionary note, here — there are effective and ineffective ways to use social media and online marketing. It’s easy to get distracted by the online element in business. Remember to stay focused on the actual work of business growth over gaining more followers online.

So, at this phase, consider where you want to end up! Do you want to move toward online programs, travel and teach your own curriculum or only sell information products? Where you want to go will determine the best next steps — and the best use of your business growth funds.

Once you decide, find a mentor or business coach that has the skills and experience you’re looking for — many times, working with a coach or mentor one-on-one will include access to programs or products they’ve created to address the main needs and problems you have (bonus!).

If you’re still wondering whether (or not) to invest in an online business course, read the list below for my best advice for making that decision:

NEVER invest in an online course if…

  • You’re not going to follow through
  • You don’t enjoy the online learning experience (much of it is solitary and requires intrinsic motivation)
  • You’re easily overwhelmed by technology
  • You have a lot going on and won’t be able to devote adequate energy to the content
  • You prefer the “hand-holding” approach to learning where you can ask detailed questions and get a lot of one-on-one time

I want to hear from you…

What is your litmus test for deciding whether or not now is a good time to invest in a business course? How have you chosen the best course for your needs in the past?

I’d also love for you to comment below and tell me the single biggest struggle in your business — you just never know who’s reading that may have a suggestion or a solution for you.

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Productivity + Focus for Conscious Entrepreneurs


Recently, I shared a blog post with you about resolutions and why they don’t often work for conscious entrepreneurs in the healing arts. It seemed that many of you could relate and found yourself with a desire to work on your craft but not the day-to-day business activities that are necessary to keep things running smoothly.

Being a conscious entrepreneur comes with a unique set of values and considerations.

One of those unique considerations is our attitude toward our long-term vision of success (ie: our goals in business and in life) and executing the necessary objectives for that vision. However, most of us are aware that setting goals is simply not enough; we need to make the commitment to follow through.

Back in December, we set annual intentions in the Mindful Life + Biz Challenge. We got clear on what we want to do, to offer and to build, then we held those goals up to the light of time to transmute them into intentional objectives. Some might call this focus.

Putting a frame of time around our big dreams encourages us to take actions that align with our broader intention. It turns goals (broader) into objectives (more refined and timely.) It also brings forth a physical affirmation of commitment — for example, “Hello, Life, at [insert time] I will be making [insert goal] happen.”

Setting a timeline to our goals and gaining fierce focus isn’t all that needs to happen, however.

As conscious entrepreneurs, especially those of us who are creative and are called to our craft more often than not, we also need to manage the day-to-day to ensure our productivity doesn’t suffer. Daily habits can make the difference between achieving our goals and watching our goals pass us by.

To help us reach our goals, we must learn to prioritize the tasks that are necessary for seeing traction in our business. Part of that comes from being very aware about how we’re spending our time and developing daily habits that lead us to success.

So, how can we increase our focus and our productivity? Here are some tips to help you get there.

1. No E-mail in the Morning

If you immediately reach for your phone the moment you open your eyes, stop. Productivity experts agree that this is the number one way to DECREASE your productivity. Instead, carve out some time first thing to work on your must-do list / projects so that you gain momentum. Once you have the most important things out of the way, then turn to your e-mail.

2. Complete Important and Leveraged “On Your Business” Tasks First Thing

Following on to the no-e-mail-in-the-morning rule, tackle your most important tasks first. You’ll have the most energy and brain space first thing in the morning, which means you can use your mental bandwidth to do the income-generating activities. Doing this will push your business further and give you the excitement necessary to get through your less exciting work.

3. Front Load Your Work Week

Willpower – and productivity – decreases over the day and over the week. Group your super-important tasks at the start of your week and save Friday for the more creative, fun, whimsical activities. This will keep your energy soaring throughout the week and ensure that you move into the weekend fulfilled and not burnt out.

4. Know Your Goals + Check-In with Them Often

Set monthly targets and weekly objectives to see how close you can come to reaching them. This will give you something to focus on and will guide your efforts each day so that you don’t get caught up in less productivity activities (ie: checking Facebook for the 100th time.)

5. Use a Planner or a Project Management Tool

Write down your daily and weekly goals, as well as your tasks and appointments, into a planner so that you can see how much you can realistically accomplish in a week (and then, let go of everything else and be gentle on yourself for doing so!) A planner will help you to stay focused even when those inevitable distractions rise.

6. Use a Timer + Limit Your Activities

One of the best ways to get a lot done is to set a timer and give yourself 15-20 minutes of pure, focused, uninterrupted time to work on a specific task. While doing this, avoid things like social media and mindless Internet browsing. Those two activities can lead down some pretty serious rabbit holes and destroy your productivity.

7. Mono-Task. Mono-Task. Repeat.

Multi-tasking is a myth! There is no such thing as multitasking —just rapid task-switching which comes with it’s own set of drawbacks. Mono-tasking, the act of focusing on one thing at a time, is the most effective way to complete your to-do list. You’ll also find that doing so increases the quality and efficacy of your work. If you love to work on several things at once, consider batching your tasks (remember: no such thing as multi-tasking!). Group all like tasks together and complete them in the same focused block of time.

8. Develop (and Stick To) a Focus Ritual

Here’s an example of a focus ritual (choose any and all that help you maintain your focus):

  • Complete your most important work at a time when focus is naturally high: in the morning and/or beginning of your work day (if possible)
  • Turn off ALL notifications on all devices —especially your desktop email and social media updates
  • Silence, unplug or hide your phone(s)
  • Decide on a length of time for your chosen task / task category then stick to that time frame
  • Break down your large tasks into smaller, bite-sized to-dos
  • Use incentives and reward yourself for completing to-do list items
  • Set a timer
  • Improve your posture —sit on the edge of your chair with both heels grounded or move your work station to the floor and take Easy Pose
  • Boost your positive distractions (ambient noise, white noise, busy cafe, etc.)
  • Eliminate negative distractions (social media, notifications, etc.)
  • Alternate between mindful and mindless tasks
  • Use focusing oils like sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli

Find your perfect combination and use it to focus in on exactly what you need to get things done.

Focus and productivity can be hard to work into your day-to-day but doing so will reap you HUGE rewards. I’d love to hear from you — what are your favorite productivity and focus tips? Leave them in the comments below.


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Resolution Reality Check


The first few weeks of the New Year are behind us and the figurative smoke has cleared.

Enthusiasm for goals is waning and the resolutions may… or may not… have stuck, which makes this the perfect time for a resolution reprieve.

The New Year brings a tantalizing amount of potential transformation.

Then, the reality hits.

Behavior change — of any kind — is hard.

Whether your resolutions are centered on eating more vegetables, saving more money, exercising daily, or bringing more mindfulness to social media, the process of shifting our actions requires attention, dedication and sheer hard work.

If you’re like most conscious entrepreneurs in the healing arts, this year’s resolutions (or mindful intentions) probably included earning more money in your business.

Whether the specifics entail getting out of the feast-or-famine cycle in your business, developing your own high-value program, refining your premium offers, branching out into passive revenue, or growing your reach through promotional opportunities, the reality of turning those resolutions into goal-centric actions brings its own set of challenges.

Self-doubt can creep in. Wanting to turn your gift into cash can cause guilt to settle into your bones (can you relate?) The voices outside of ourselves can tell us that it’s impossible, a hopeless dream or worse yet, that we’re chasing the wrong dream.

If you can relate to feeling less than stellar about the business part of business, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone AND there’s hope (and, it doesn’t come in the form of a resolution!)

Resolutions are often temporary, fleeting things. What you need instead, to create a long-term plan that sticks, is a system. Tender lovin’ guidance. Someone who can take you through what you don’t yet know in a way that removes intimidation and replaces it with EASE!

Most holistic businesses fail not because they are unskilled at their healing modalities, or not “big enough”, they fail because they are financially mismanaged. Even the most incredible, world-renowned healers cannot create a magic potion that makes finances irrelevant.

You can not build an enlightened empire without a solid business plan and resources.

If your resolution this year had anything to do with improving your business, tightening up the areas of your work that felt a little less than solid or you simply want to find a better way for 2016, I’d love to help you do that.

The Elemental Business Blueprint is your ticket to financial freedom and business empowerment. I’d love to invite you to learn more.

Even if we don’t embark on a journey together, I want to leave you with this: be gentle on yourself. It’s easy to set lofty (sometimes unreachable) goals at the beginning of the year and then feel really bad about ourselves when we don’t hit those targets… but every step forward is progress, even if it doesn’t look like your finish line.

So, give yourself a little resolution reality check: look inward to ask yourself, “What do I truly need this year?” and “How can I get there without giving up a part of what makes me shine?”

I’m rooting for you!

* * *

Screenshot 2016-01-21 09.54.20

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Are You Sabotaging Your Business Success?

IMG_1395Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with scores of women in my coaching practice —many of them are highly experienced, talented and gifted healers and helpers. Most of them have multiple degrees, hundreds of hours of training, years of experience in their field and boundless passion for their work.

And most of these women earned less than $15,000 in their conscious business last year. (To be clear, most of these women are well past the start up phase —but the income isn’t there)

What is the underlying reason for the cash flow issues?

Is it the inevitable entrepreneurial overwhelm, lack of strategy, improper planning, mindset, work ethic, knowledge gaps or lack of focus? All of the above?

Or is this evidentiary of the deeper, gender-specific issues that plague working women and women in business everywhere? To name a few: fear of visibility, inability to access their own power, negative stereotypes about ambitious women, balancing family + work commitments, social pressure, traditional gender roles.

Or are there deep seeded money issues and core beliefs about worthiness that are sabotaging the income-generating branch of these businesses?

Discovering the underlying cause for the cash-flow issues is essential because ….

If your business isn’t earning money your business is in BIG TROUBLE.

(especially if you’re already burned out, in overwhelm, stressed out, disorganized, and noticing that more is going out than is coming in….)

Women are entering the business world in droves and over 30% of all businesses in the U.S. are owned by women [source]. This is wonderful news!!!!!! It’s about time more women stepped into a leadership role in the business world and took charge of their own financial futures.

Please, please, please, women entrepreneurs —invest in your success. Care about your work enough to get the support you need.

Every day counts in business and every day you are distracted with the shiny objects, filler tasks, and hanging out on social media (or your inbox), you’re losing money and losing traction —and depriving people who NEED what you have of your precious gifts.

Every day spent lost in a fog, struggling, and distracted is costing you money, eroding your passion and sabotaging your business success.

Far and away, the most common response from the group of women I speak with on a regular basis is “I can’t afford it.”

Believe me: I get it! But the reason you can’t afford to invest in your business is the exact reason you NEED to invest in your business.

Investing in your business is terrifying because it challenges you to do things differently, to step up and take the actions necessary for growth, and to face your own internal and external barriers to success.

You are a conscious entrepreneur with a heart for service, which means your sacred work is needed and valued. Your business is the way you serve the world —and a foundation for more meaning, purpose, engagement and flow in your life. The world needs what ONLY you can provide —your unique magic and your precious gifts. There are people out there RIGHT NOW who need what you have to give.

You are in business to help people, right?

Are you ALSO in business to create more freedom, security, opportunity, abundance and ease?

Are you ALSO in business because you want to spend more time with your loved one, to travel, to make your own schedule, and to live the lifestyle you desire?

Are you ALSO in business because THIS (the Work) is your purpose?

I thought so.
So back to that “I can’t afford it.”

Actually, you can’t afford NOT to invest in your business.

Strategy, planning and systems are crucial for long-term business success —and for reducing overwhelm. Understanding what will actually move your business forward and what is only a shiny distraction takes discernment and focus. Establishing a successful business and creating real wealth (read: security, opportunity, abundance, ease), requires a strategy for long-term growth.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do you want /need to grow in your business?
  • What is your big business vision?
  • Are you dreaming big enough?
  • Are you setting (and meeting) your goals?
  • Are you future-focused and taking present action every day?

If you answered “No” or “I don’t know” to any of the above questions, it’s time to quit sabotaging your business success and get the support you need.

Want to start with a baby step? Book a complimentary Breakthrough to Clarity session here.


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9 Steps to a Prosperous Healing + Helping Business (The Educator Edition)

Plan Your Yoga BusinessIt’s easier than you may think to elevate your business as a healing or helping professional, especially if you happen to love education. In fact, there are just 9 simple steps to follow to take your healing and helping business from wherever you are right now to six figures (or beyond).

Before I tell you how to do it, I’m going to tell you a quick story.

Near the middle of 2011, I sat down to get really clear on how I could manage my life as a new mommy with my desire to integrative wellness and yoga therapy with a larger community. Because I had a small one at home, I needed to get seriously strategic about using my time and energy effectively. I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, which meant I needed to earn more sharing the tools of yoga and mindfulness (so I could work less). I also wanted to keep sharing what I feel is my life’s work —integrative wellness and yoga lifestyle— in a more sustainable way.

So I sat down to write a program that I knew a handful of my current yoga clients would adore: a blend of integrative wellness, Ayurveda, mindfulness and yoga asana. I wrapped it up in a yoga teacher training format (that fit my life) and set dates on the calendar.

Then: I leaped!

I reached out to 30 of my most loyal yoga class attendees and invited them into the course. 10 said yes, 8 enrolled.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, I’ve taught more than 10 full teacher trainings, multiple retreats, and scores of workshops in various cities and locations around the United States —all while being a work-from-home-mommy and (quite literally) building the business from my kitchen table.

I know it’s not about the money, but let me give you real figures:

My first training allowed me to pay off a good chunk of my student loans and contribute to the household income —while sharing once monthly weekend workshops and being home with my little one. ($24,0000)

By the second and third training, I was on track to a sustainable income ($60,000)—even after closing a business, having no location to teach from, with no regular teaching gig and very few private clients.

By my fourth training, I had passed the six figure mark on this one offer and since then, doubled my income on this offer each successive year. To put it more plainly: I took the Wisdom Method from an idea to a six-figure income generator in under a year. (In case you’re wondering: I didn’t have a huge list, my website totally sucked, I wrote curriculum between babe’s naps and in the evenings, I didn’t pay for advertising and the only investment I made was in a business coach)

Now, I’m not going to lie: it was a lot of work. Thank Goddess I have an education background because writing curriculum for 4 teacher trainings is NOT for the faint of heart (that’s another story).

The learning curve was steep and I couldn’t have done it without fabulous business colleagues in the industry who believed in my work and partnered with me to offer space for the trainings. However, once the curriculum was written and the marketing strategy refined, the business ran like a well-oiled machine.

I’m sharing this with you today because the “Educator” business model is an easy system to replicate once you know what you want to share, who needs what you have to teach, and how to position yourself in the current market.

To show you just how simple it is, here’s a basic “Educator” Business plan for the healing and helping world:

Educator Business Plan

Step 1: Build a community of people who are passionate about the same things as you

Step 2: Educate the community about your unique take on the concepts

Step 3: Invite people to a high level sample of your unique take on the concepts (a workshop, mini-retreat, series course, or class → that you charge for!)

Step 4: Package your unique take on the concepts into a longer-term or value-added program that a small percentage of your Ideal Clients need and want

Step 5: Offer those Ideal Clients an incentive for learning more about the program (free content, free session with you, bonus workshop)

Step 6: Invite those people into your signature program (longer term and higher value)

Step 7: Set a reasonable minimum for attendance and offer the program

Step 8: Offer the program. Get feedback and refine.

Step 9: Choose promotional partners and repeat 3-4 times annually adding locations as you grow.
Now, that’s certainly not the only way to leverage your time and your skills as a healer or helper, but it is a solid one, especially if you’re passionate about what you do and you’re aching to share your wisdom in a bigger way.

The zero-to-profitability business plan above is just one of the strategies you can use to leverage your success as a conscious entrepreneur. Want more? Let’s connect in a Breakthrough to Clarity session!


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Screw Marketing. Connect Instead

Screw Marketing

Marketing. Even the word feels icky.

As a conscious entrepreneur, marketing doesn’t exactly light your fire.

The Work —healing, helping, changing the world, making a difference in people’s lives —that’s what truly motivates you. The Work is why you get out of bed in the morning. The Work is your passion, your purpose, and your mission in the world.

But you can’t heal, help, change the world or make a difference in people’s lives if you are your own best kept secret.

You have to reach people to serve people.

Reaching (the right) people means marketing.

Actually, screw marketing and focus on connection instead.

Part of your work as a conscious entrepreneur is getting in front of the right people —the people you can best serve. Your Dream Clients. The ones with problems you can solve. The ones who value (and are in need of) your gifts. When you focus on connecting with and being of service to those people you’re merging mindfulness with authentic marketing.

Authentic marketing is about making a conscious effort to find the right people, connect with those people, and communicate to them how you solve their problem differently than anyone else (preferably with wit, wisdom and storytelling).

Simple enough, right?

Actually, it is. So let’s get started!

Who do you serve?

If you answered “everyone” to the question above, you need more clarity! You/your business solve/s a particular problem for a particular group of people —your Target Market (Dream Clients in my lingo). The right people.

  • Who needs you?
  • Who has problems you can solve?
  • Who do you most want to serve?
  • Who benefits most from your work?

Be as specific as possible: Male/female? Worldview? Political views? Income level? Education level? Children/no children? Married/single? Background? Likes/dislikes? Hobbies?

Where are those right people hanging out?

Are they working on their novel in the local coffee shop? Hitting the streets with the local running club? Are they stretching and bending in a yoga class? Are they homeschooling their three kids? Working a 9-to-5? Figure out where they actually hang out —then go the extra mile and reach them online, too.

  • Are they sharing on Facebook?
  • Are they pinning on Pinterest?
  • Are they insta-obssessed on Instagram?
  • Are they watching How-To videos on YouTube?
  • Are they listening to Podcasts?

Figure out where they are, then figure out ways to get in front of them.

How can you connect with those right people?

What are some real, tangible ways to actually get in front of the right people? Keep in mind that you don’t serve everyone—so you don’t need to be everywhere. There is no need to be at every networking event —or in every Facebook group —sharing and promoting your Work. Give focus to the spaces (real life and virtual) populated by lots of the right people. Choose the method of connecting with your Dream Clients that actually suits your strengths and skills, too. If you hate writing but love sharing helpful videos, skip the blog in favor of Webcasts and video tutorials.

Here are some examples of ways you can connect with more of the right people:

  • Lead / participate in live events —workshops, speaking events, meet ups, local events, networking groups. Grab emails from attendees whenever possible.
  • Write and share Blog posts. Related to their problems —and how you can solve them. Include an email opt-in at the end of each post or in your website sidebar or footer.
  • Create and share Videos. Related to their problems and interests and your unique solutions
  • Create and share Podcasts / audio teachings. Related to their problems and interests and your unique solutions
  • Create and offer E-books / guides. Help them (you guessed it) solve a problem. Bonus: offer this is as a “free gift” when people sign up for your email list!
  • Social Media / Status Updates —Choose 1-2 platforms where those right people are hanging out. Show up and share every day. At a loss for what to share? Start here: ask questions, be helpful, inspire.
  • Create a helpful forum where you can answer questions, be available for on-the-spot support, and connect with more of the right people. Like this one here.

When will you show up and connect?

If you want to actually connect with those right people, you must build a foundation of trust. The easiest way to do that is by showing up —consistently. Connect, educate, elevate and inspire regularly. Consistency is key here! Not only will this build your credibility in your field, it will also deepen the connection with your clients-to-be. This doesn’t mean that you’re pushing your amazing products or services down their throats —it does mean that you’re showing up, being helpful, and inspiring about 80% of the time. The other 20% percent of the time, you’ll be sharing how you can solve their problems, how you can help them get what they want, how you can help them heal…you get the idea.

Listed below are sample schedules for maximum efficiency and engagement. If all of this is new to you, choose only one Action Item from the list below and commit to creating some helpful, inspiring, and engaging content that you can share with your community.

Sample Schedule #1

  • 1 blog post / video / podcast each week
  • 1 daily update on a Facebook page
  • 10 Tweets per day

Sample Schedule #2

  • 2 daily images on Instagram
  • 1 G+ post each day
  • Once weekly newsletter

Sample Schedule #3 

  • 1 daily Periscope
  • 3 LinkedIn Posts daily
  • or some combination of the above

Still at a loss for what to share? Here are some helpful guidelines for crafting delightful, helpful and inspiring content

  • Video is the best way to attract and engage attention. Keep it simple. Record on your smartphone and upload directly to Facebook. Stream live on Periscope (and come say “hi!” I’m just getting started over there: I’m @kellie_adkins). Start a Vlog on YouTube. The sky is the limit.
  • Share your wisdom and experience. Remember those problems your Dream Clients have? Solve them and share away. Example: The “What I Know / What I’ve Learned” Post / Blog / Update. The “How to Post.”
  • Ask questions and/or Poll for opinions. What’s your favorite podcast / Coffee or tea? /  Do you hang out in your yoga clothes all day, too?
  • Share others people’s content. It’s totally cool to share, retweet and re-post others’ work as long as a) you give appropriate credit and b) it will resonate with your own community
  • Educate! What does your Dream Client need to know that they don’t know already? Teach them. Tell them. Show them.
  • Share lists. List Top Tips for the outcomes your Dream Client wants or needs
  • Share tidbits of your personal life. Caution: this can backfire! Consider if what you’re sharing is relevant to your Dream Client. Also: never talk about the shit when you’re in the shit. Sit with it first —share the lesson later.

Liked this post? You’ll love the Conscious Entrepreneurs kula —a (free) community of healers, helpers and conscious entrepreneurs committed to creating whole health, wise wealth and balanced business. Plus: me! I show up and share —you guessed it— helpful, inspiring and relevant content everyday.

Kula 2

Even More Resources


Show-Your-Colors-Brave-Blogging-Makeness-Badge-300x300 This post is part of the Bravery Blogging project, hosted by the delightful folks over at Makeness Media. Read more brave blogs by searching #braveblogging on all social channels.

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Be A Unicorn, Grow Your Business

Be A Unicorn

Do you remember your first journal? I can still recall the luminous white fur and rainbow mane of the unicorn that graced mine. The Unicorn’s hooves and horn were diamond-bright. She had bright blue eyes —and she kept the treasures of my imagination safe from prying eyes. I wrote small poems, tiny reflections, and bits of humor in that journal.

To this day, I still keep a journal, albeit filled with different sorts of doodles and ramblings. Journaling is an act of self-study, one of the limbs of the yogic path, and is an invaluable tool for connecting with your intuition. Accessing your intuition is a crucial skill in sustainable business success. Intuition keeps our true north aligned in business and life.

Journaling can help you discover the deeper reasons behind doing what you do —and the underlying themes in your work.

Now back to unicorns and why being a unicorn is good for business:

  • Finding your unicorn magic allows you to stand out in a crowded market.
  • Sharing your unicorn magic attracts the right people.
  • Serving the people you are meant to serve is a business model built on integrity and meaning.

In the age of instant connection and information saturation, standing out from the crowd is a strategy. 

People (including your potential customers) are weary of the bland, watered-down, copycat, or sugar-coated businesses and brands. Now more than ever, people want to connect —they want authenticity, integrity and originality. They want unicorns.


Good thing you are a unicorn.

Let me explain:

Whether you’re selling transformative yoga sessions, integrative psychotherapy, wellness coaching or chakra alignment sessions, there’s a deeper reason behind your business. Sure, on the surface, you are providing [insert the obvious thing you’re providing], but why you’re really providing that is much deeper. How you do that is different than everyone else, too.

That deeper reason —your why —paired with your unique magic —your how —is what client’s are really paying you for.

If your business (or brand) isn’t reflecting your unique unicorn magic, allow me to dust off those diamond hooves and sparkly horn, eh?


Get out your journal, read and respond to the following questions. Then follow the guide to discover your unicorn magic.



: What motivates you?

: What drives you?

: What matters to you?

: Why do you do the work you do? 

: What are people always complimenting you about (in work or life)? 

: On the surface you [insert obvious description of your work / job title ], but at a deeper level, you are really [insert the deeper outcome of your work / chief result people get from working with you ]. 


Once you have answered the questions above, you are closer identifying your brand of unicorn magic in the marketplace. Even if you are you are surrounded by “competition,” your unicorn magic allows you to stand out and attract the right people: the people who can really benefit from that special brand of sparkle you have.

Those are the right people. Chances are, you and those people share quite a bit in common. You probably share a set of core values and beliefs. You have similar tastes, goals, dreams, desires, fears. You’ve probably shared experiences, too.

Now you have to ask yourself: where are those right people hanging out? Finding those people is the next step in sharing your unicorn magic. Are they spending time (live and online) in yoga studios, in Facebook groups, at local networking groups, in schools / universities, in health clubs, on Pinterest, in the great outdoors, at athletic events, in churches, at school functions, on YouTube, on Google+, on Instagram, on LinkedIn.

Remember: being a unicorn is good for business. There are people waiting for your particular magic —all you need to do is identify that magic and show up to share it.

To building your business with authenticity, originality and practical magic, 








P.S. Struggling to articulate your particular brand of unicorn magic? If you can’t articulate it, your potential clients won’t understand it. Let’s workshop it together in a complementary session —identifying your unique magic is the first step on the path to prosperity.

Discover your Path to Prosperity



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Abundance Issues? Heal Your Money Wounds

Heal Your Money Wounds

We get a little funny about money as healers and helpers. We love what we do and are guided by service. Which is why it’s so challenging to put a price tag on our gifts, talents and services.

Take it from me, darling, you can only give from a full tank.

If overwhelm is an issue for you right now, it’s time to take a look at those energy leaks.

Let’s start with money energy.

Money is energy that yields the nourishment you need at all levels to keep giving, to keep doing your transformative work, to keep sharing.

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur with a generous heart, chances are you’ve felt the pang of sharing your gifts for little (or no) remuneration.

Do you hesitate when it comes to pricing services or products?

Here’s what I mean —in a mini-drama:

Potential Client: So, how much do you charge for your Transformative Yoga Therapy Sessions / Intuitive Coaching / Art + Meditation private classes?

You (Talented, visionary, soulful ‘preneur): Well, usually I charge um, well, $50 (*voice gets low and muffled*), but for you, I can do the first session free and a 20% discount off future sessions if, well, if you know, if you can’t afford it (*that last part is stammered out with a fair bit of hesitation*).

ACK! You and I both know what happens next. Either the client books (and you feel resentful) or the client doesn’t book (because why should they? There was no value in it).

Putting a price tag on your gifts bring up fear, money issues, limiting beliefs around your own worth and the ever-present scarcity issues. Potential clients can feel that …and nothing sends a potential client running for the hills faster than your money issues.

Are you clear on the leveraged income streams in your business?

The Pareto Principle tells us that 20% of efforts yield in 80% of results. 20% of clients result in 80% of income. Are you allocating enough time to the important things in your business or are you spending time on the urgent? Identifying (then doing!) the 20% actions that result in even more income and expansion in your business is a solid strategy for success.

If you’re drowning under a list of urgent To-Do’s and watching days (and dollars) pass you by, then take a gander at the list below.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s heal those money wounds and close up the energy leaks in your business post-haste.

I can’t tell you how many times incredibly talented women (my clients) have apologetically quoted their rates to me only to go into shock when I (almost immediately) tell them to double those rates. The reason clients earn more immediately after working with me —even if it’s only a free session —is because we begin by balancing the energy (and money is a form of energy).

Here are my top tips for healing your money wounds and stepping into abundance as a healer or helper. These are the exact steps I teach my private, VIP clients, and the precise “formula” all successful entrepreneurs apply.

1 :: Set a rate that reflects a living wage and allows you to remain in financial ease.

Nothing harms our industry (healers, coaches, yogis, transformative teachers) more than too-low rates for one-on-one services. If you think you have to charge less in order to make more, you DON’T. In fact, placing a too-low price tag on our gifts in the interest of “being competitive” often undermines the importance of our work in the eyes of our potential clients. Lastly, each time you undercut your industry by charging too little, you contribute to the epidemic of other healers, coaches and yogis who can’t make a living doing their transformative work.

Be reasonable and rational when setting rates. Consider yourself with a full practice or client docket :: how many can you reasonably see in a week? How much do you need to earn in a week? Align the numbers for a good starting point. Need support with this one? Head over here and we’ll hash it out together.

Remaining in financial ease is my term for the amount of money you need to earn to support the lifestyle you desire, while saving, investing, and tithing. What lifestyle you desire and how much you’d like to save is up to you but many experts suggest at least 20%. Again, investing is entirely up to you as well: remember to consider retirement. Tithing is a personal spiritual practice that has made a tremendous difference in my life (see #6).

2 :: Offer a limited number of complementary sessions.

If you are establishing yourself as a Leader and expert in your field, you need to spend some time getting to know WHO your dream client actually is.

If you are already established, you want to spend time connecting with your community so you continue to create valuable resources and services they need and want.

Hop on the phone a few times a week for complementary introductory sessions and promotional sessions. If you’re trying to discern WHAT your dream client really needs or wants, then 20-minute free sessions or promotional sessions (with feedback requested as a condition) allows you to discover the ways you can meet their needs.

Call it a tithe, an offering, or an experiment: free sessions have their place. Do put a cap on it and remember to track your time for this service. Decide how many you will do, when you will do them, what you will call them and how people will get them. Want to see how I run my own freebie sessions? Head over here.

Here are some valuable free resources for managing your complementary sessions with ease.

Schedule Once —you choose your time, client books with an easy to use click-to-schedule option. Sends you an alert to approve the session and issues you each confirmation and reminder emails. Integrates with Google and iCal and Android. Free + Paid version.

Calendly —has all the same features as Schedule Once but better free version. You can have multiple session types and lengths. Also: the branding is gorgeous!


3 :: Decide on your growth metrics and definition of financial “success.”

Do you want to double your income annually? Do you want to make a million by 40? Do you want to see a 20% return on your investments of time and energy?

Seriously. Sit with your personal metrics of success it for a bit then come up with hard data. Numbers, percentages, metrics.  Be equal parts practical and magical with this process. Use your intuition and spreadsheets.

Then: Name it to claim it.

Once you have hard data work backwards from those numbers with reasonable efforts on your part.


Goal: Double Net income next year

Needs: Steady growth for the next 12 months (at a 10%+ increase in profits)

Action you will take: Offer a higher-value program to double Net income

How to do that: Ask your 20% what they need! Create a higher value program that fits their needs. Offer community building to grow your audience for the new offer. Launch the high value program. Fill it. Boom —income doubled.

Want some support on that? That’s what I do…and I’m here.

4 :: Commit to taking the daily actions necessary to heal your money wounds.

Do you have a scarcity mentality around money? 

Does another person’s success (or wealth) trigger sadness or jealousy?

Do you think you have to choose your spiritual practice or wealth?

Do you avoid money and money-related tasks? Are you avoiding facing your fears or limiting beliefs about money?

Do you spend time on tasks you could outsource just to pinch pennies?

Do your sessions frequently go over time?

Do your clients pay you promptly or are you chasing down your money?

Are you spending time working on the weekends just to “catch up”?

Do you want someone else to take care of “the money” stuff so you can only focus on service / creating  / sharing your gifts?

Are you waiting around for all that money you fervently manifested to show up in your bank account?

Ok, it’s time to get personal with the energy leaks in your business. If you answered yes to more than 1 of the questions above, it’s time to heal those money wounds. 

Look at the questions you answered “yes” to: what are the themes? Time? Money? Worthiness?

Keep digging for the deeper reason behind the behavior. Only then can you find the root of the issue and begin to heal the wound from the source. You may need to adjust your relationship to time first. Once you begin to value your time, you see the costs and gains associated with overwhelm, with DIYing, and with poor boundaries. Stay committed to doing the 20% tasks that will leverage your business success during the first part of your week. Remain attentive to the time-sucking tasks in your business. Avoid time wasters during your most productive hours.

Then, adjust your relationship to money. Money is merely an indication that your purpose, your mindset, your intentions and your work / career / business are in alignment. If your business isn’t on the abundance upswing, it’s time for a change. That may mean doing things outside of your comfort zone like blogging every week, posting in Facebook groups, reaching out to past clients directly, or delivering a live workshop / class to promote your one-on-one services.

If you’ve reached a plateau (run out of time or other resources), you may need to get experimental and add income diversification to your business. If you’re in the service industry, you can begin selling products. If you’re already selling products, you may want to sell leveraged services. Check out the other examples below.

Example: sharing products that support the work you do, joining an affiliate program, shifting into group programs, adding virtual products or programs

Ah, worthiness. If you’ve reached the core of the energy leaks in your business and find it’s related to your own self-concept, fears, or feelings of worthiness, join the club. You are in good company —generations of successful women entrepreneurs struggled with the same issues. Call it your birthright (and your gift to future generations) to face those fears, to own your worth and to heal those wounds.

Making the commitment is how you begin to heal the energy leaks in your business and shift the money energy back into alignment.

5 :: Face your fears

Do you have a host of fears around money?

Do you fear power —and the power money provides?

Do you fear failure or risk-tasking?

Does balancing your checkbook give you anxiety?

Do you dread bill-paying time?

Do you worry about never having enough?

Do you avoid money To’Do’s (money management, investment, income planning) because you don’t want to be seen as a “money-motivated” person?

Do you have a fear of success —or of the person you would be if you were wealthy / successful / well-known?


Then tackle those fears and limiting beliefs one by one. If you fear power (or the person you would turn into if you were powerful) write a code of ethics for your future powerful self. If you avoid bills and the monthly tracking of your spending, use a budgeting tool to keep you happy and on track all month. If you fear being seen as “money-motivated” and that’s keeping you from planning, managing or investing your money, get a coach to support you in working through those self-sabotaging behaviors.

Some of these fears and fear-based actions were picked up from your formative years. Until you face those fears and challenge the beliefs, they’ll continue to haunt you (and sabotage your business success).


6 :: Give Back

As a recovering Southern Baptist, I learned at an early age that tithing is what one does. 10% right off the top, given back to God. I watched my parents faithfully tithe 10% even when we had very little. I remember being worried about how we were going to buy groceries and wondering why God needed our money. (Especially since Heaven’s gates were made of pearl and the streets were paved in gold. But I digress.)

I also remember envelopes of cash in our mailbox just when we needed it most.

I didn’t tithe for a long time because I moved away from a religious community at 15. Instead of tithing to a religious organization, I now practice the dana of generosity and give 10% of my income back to my community. I prefer to give to people in my immediate community rather than organizations —and I give to those who need nourishment and to those who’ve nourished me spiritually. I would never tell you what to do with your money, but I’ll share my personal belief: abundance is already our birthright. When we practice generosity, we recognize this universal principle of abundance. Money is merely one aspect of the abundance we already embody. Tithing is a practice of recognizing that abundance and giving it back in a way that honors your own spiritual practice.


Did I miss anything? Share your best energy-balancing tips in the comments below!







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Kick the Productivity Addiction to Prevent Burnout

Productivity has its place in the world and certainly comes in handy on the entrepreneurial journey. But in a culture as obsessed with check-offables and massive To-Do lists, productivity is becoming (dare I say) an addiction.

Letting go of the habit of overachieving is (still) my biggest personal and professional challenge. For many years, I wore the cloak of my industrious super power like a mantel of personal protection. Instead of questioning the need to keep going, to work harder, to be the best, I kept going, I worked harder, I pushed myself to be the best. I never stopped long enough to question for whom I was producing, or why I was achieving, or what happened after I achieved it. I became my own worst enemy —and my own nightmarish boss. I have pushed myself to exhaustion, overwhelm and physical breakdown more than once. Chronic conditions — health issues that have plagued me from childhood —crop up when I push past my energy limits. The body always knows when to say no.

Can you relate?

Recovering from burnout is one thing —preventing burnout is another story entirely.

I believe life gives us the lessons we need to learn in order to grow. To prevent burnout, I needed to learn the lesson of efficiency and ease: and to learn that lesson, I had to let go of my productivity addiction.

I had the opportunity to let go of my obsession to productivity when I recently lost a principal member of my team. I took a hard look at the responsibilities now resting squarely in my lap (again). After a year of delegating, streamlining and strategizing in my business(es), I felt like I was back to square one. In reality, the situation wasn’t nearly that dramatic. I was able to outsource some tasks and fit others into my weekly schedule with ease. I did have to revisit my annual intentions, now absent a significant support source.

Two significant revelations came during this process, however: first, many of the things I’d been doing (or outsourcing) no longer served my business but I was sticking with them out of my own un-investigated expectations of “good business.” Next, I was holding on to a belief that my productivity defined my worth.

I re-evaluated my responsibilities then I let some things go (my desire to be part of the conversation on every social platform), pared back on others (newsletter mailings are now less frequent) and streamlined others (chunked writing tasks into one day and changed blog schedule).

Quitting the productivity addiction looked a lot like pausing to retire or revision certain elements of my business in service to continued growth.

So far, so good. The growth process unfolds over time and you may have noticed some of those internal shifts over the last couple months. You will continue to observe blossoming as the transformation unfolds, but it’s my hope that you’ll still be around for the Big Reveal.

In the meantime and as always, I’m committed to elevating, empowering, educating women in bringing more creative flourishing into business and life. Beginning with these powerful questions for times of transition of your own: whether you’re quitting the productivity addiction, recovering from burnout or tackling overwhelm through strategic focus.

Answer these for more alignment and ease in business and in life:

:: Is your business reflecting your soul’s work?

My soul’s work is to use my life as a light for others: bringing order and harmony into daily living, seeing the magical in the mundane, and empowering other women to find that for themselves. Everything that didn’t fit that vision in my own business got sliced.

What is your unique work in the world? Once you find that, everything that can go, does go. If you’re still working another job, or building your business on the side, remain hyper-focused on the actions to truly leverage your success. No chasing butterflies :)

:: What do you want your soul’s work to represent in the world?

I wanted more richness, radiance and truth, more depth and meaning, more insight and inspiration.

Do you want to leave a legacy? Do you want your work to represent something larger than you? Your work is meaningful —and the world needs it! Identify the shifts —internal and external—that need to accompany growth and long-term expansion. Maybe you need to strengthen your focus in service to long-term success. Perhaps you need an outside eye on your business (and big business vision) and some insight on next steps. Be honest about your needs and find the support necessary to catapult you to the next level.

:: What do you want less of (in life and business)?

This list should come easily!  

:: What do you want more of (in life and business)?

No censoring. Name it to claim it.

:: What are you afraid of?

Write them all down. Every fear. Worst-case scenario bonanza.

:: What are you really afraid of?

This is the root reason behind the above fear(s). Dig deep.

:: What elements of business (or life) need to shift for you to do more of your soul’s work?

Here’s when the magical meets the practical. Be realistic and radiant.

Sometimes, you need to change how you are approaching an aspect of your business: social media, for example. Social media represented a huge challenge for me because it felt misaligned with my yoga ethics; however, when I emphasized a sacred approach to social media emphasizing connection, empowerment and education, I was able to take my marketing (and my business growth) to the next level. Also: engaging on social media became easier and more enjoyable. Sweet bonus!

Want more alignment and ease in your own business? It’d be an honor to support you in finding your path to prosperity. Book a complimentary session here.

Discover your Path to Prosperity















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  • I’m Glad You’re Here

    Because chances are you're all lit up by the same things: Creating. Self-Expression. Empowerment. Freedom. We've got that in common. Building an enlightened empire sharing your sacred gifts is a noble calling. But you don't have to do it alone. Let's tune in, so you can radiate out. Because focus is practical magic. Add some empowerment to your empire right over here.

  • Wise Wealth + Whole Health = Balanced Business

    You want more freedom, more creativity + more meaning in your business. Start here.