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Every year on my birthday, I choose one word to color the year to come.
This year, I chose COURAGE.

{last year was AUTHENTICITY}.

Why courage?  Because in my work as a Conscious Business Coach + Yoga Therapist, I support clients in making big steps toward inner transformation. I ask them to dream big, think hard, and take inspired action.

In short, I ask them to be courageous.

So this year, I gave myself a taste of my own medicine. I decided to challenge my own boundaries. I doubled up on the courage so I could serve and help with more authenticity and inspiration.

My short n’ sweet story is that I love to synthesize. I’m programmed to introspect, reflect, dissect, and use that energy for transformation. My early years taught me a lot about how humans hurt one another and how life gives us more than we can handle sometimes. I came to yoga and mindfulness early because of a tremendous amount of inner pain. And – like many – after realizing the benefits, I wanted to share it with others.kellieadkins_image_aboutkelliepage

I began teaching therapeutic yoga in 2007 and I still love what I do.

But the reality check of trying to make it in the conscious business world hit me hard. I tried to make it as a free agent teacher, then as a yoga studio owner + private yogini for hire then as a health coach. But I struggled with constant creative clutter, overwhelm, and the reality of trading precious time for dollars. 

Trying to make it as a conscious entrepreneur is tough: especially if you’re also a multipassionate creative-type. I struggled solo for many years and made all the mistakes. I undercharged. I tried to serve everyone. I shut out my intuition. I was in constant idea overwhelm. I burned out.

But with support, some deep healing around my relationship to self-care and prosperity {hint: it’s all connected!}, and a little clarity with my creativity, I built a conscious business that uses my strengths, suits my personality, and supports my family.

And now I’m putting all that knowledge to work in my conscious business mentorships that give other visionary creatives the professional skills to make a living AND a difference.

My mission is to educate, elevate, + empower other conscious creative entrepreneurs to heal and transform themselves from the inside out.
I do this by helping them align their intention and attention, by teaching them to think like scientists {strategic vision, baby!}, by encouraging them to take precious care of themselves.


I Absolutely Love:

My daughter Veda. My yang-to-my-yin husband. John Lennon. Questions. Crystallizing visionary ideas into simple, sane action steps. Fabulous footwear. Shaking my coach-tastic pom-poms and watching you soar. Watching the anatomy light bulb click on for yoga teachers. Creating (anything, really). Continuing Education (in the school of Life). Teaching. Om-ing my way through Florida’s Bible Belt (in leopard print yoga pants, naturally). The fact that I’ll never have to live through high school again. This crazy, cart-wheeling journey of life.

I Can’t Stand:

Cognitive dissonance. Fad diets. Jobs that don’t reflect my values. Marketing tactics that make me (or others) feel sleazy. Hardcore yoga essentialism (I love it all, baby). Feeling out of sync with my real desires. Missing an opportunity to learn. Procrastination (well, actually…).

I’ve Studied:

Classical Indian philosophy. Therapeutic Yoga. Mindfulness. Conscious business design + mindful marketing. Food + Nutrition Science coupled with Health Promotion. Neuroscience, functional foods, and bone health. Intuitive Eating. Religions + Gender Studies. Ayurveda. Ashtanga Yoga, Alignment Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Prenatal Yoga, Kid’s Yoga. (At this point, I have more hours of training than I can count. You can see my full yoga C.V. here.) Contemplative meditation. French. Calculus. Knitting.

I’ve Survived:

Abuse. Depression. Disordered eating. Chronic Fatigue. And I’ll leave it at that. If you want the nitty gritty, you can read my story.

I Create:

Kick-a** curriculum for my Yoga School. Video tutorials + continuing education for yoga teachers on everything from Ayurveda to Conscious Business. Amazing opportunities for conscious creatives to find abundance (I’ve got a list a mile long!). Virtual self-care retreats for busy people who want to say bye-bye to fad diet bullsh*t and nourish themselves –bodymindspirit –holistically. Bite size mindfulness + eating courses that help you tune into your body + eat more intuitively. Yoga teacher trainings for yoga teachers who want to LIVE yoga, not just teach it. Audio yoga classes that invite you to tune into the subtle undercurrents of flow and deepen the inner experience of the practice. Guided meditations that help you access your ever-present natural state of pure awareness.

I Promise:

Never to force-feed you someone else’s answers, but to help you find (and fall in love with) your own.

I’m Still Seeking:

How to squeeze every delicious drop from this one wild, spiraling, deeply precious life. How to be the perfect blend of Pema Chodron + SARK. How to be OK with just being myself.
And how be a supersonic mama, yogini, wife, and teacher, in tandem.


I’m Really Glad:


Because you’ve got 100 years to live, love + leave a remarkable impact. And it’s not only essential, it’s your DUTY to share your talents and unique gifts with the world. But you have to tune in before you can radiate out, and sometimes you need a coach to give you that final nudge or a teacher to show you your own light. And sometimes you need someone to cheer you on as you step courageously into your vibrant life



WANNA GET IN TOUCH? I’d love that!

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