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Kellie Adkins | the Wisdom MethodNear the end of 2011, I sat down to get really clear on how I could avoid re-creating the same mistakes in my yoga school that I made as a new yoga business owner: overworking, undercharging and under earning. I lived in a chronic state of overwhelm and financial anxiety during the first four years of my conscious business journey. I committed to change.

I felt like a failure at that point—lost, hopeless and fearful. I was consumed by the belly-gripping, gut-wrenching fear that it would always be like this and that I would never be successful.

But I took a huge risk and invested in my own professional success, hiring coaches, taking courses and reading stacks—literally stacks!— of books each month. I observed my habits, I challenged my limiting beliefs, I set realistic and expansive goals.

As a creative with a yogi-heart, I struggled in business. My boundary issues and outdated beliefs about prosperity and spirituality kept me stuck in a cycle of under earning and overworking for far longer than I’d like to admit.

I struggled even more as a multipassionate. I was committed to wellness and yoga; jewelry art and writing. Choosing a niche felt like chopping off a limb.

Despite the chaos and emotional rollercoaster of running a business, I still reserved time every week to nurture my creativity. Creating gave me time to restore my inner resources. It was during one of my creative sessions that everything shifted.

I embraced the realization that my lifestyle didn’t fit my personality or my values. I didn’t know how to shift everything but I did know enough that if I listened closer, I could find the answers.

Then, I used my creativity to design a lifestyle and a business that actually fit me as a conscious, creative entrepreneur. I used the power of passions resonance and mission clarity to find the perfect-fit clients – clients that I adore working with! We laugh as much as we strategize and I am head over heels with their work.

The result? A sustainable, profitable business doing what I love…empowering other Healers, Helpers and Creatives to find more meaning and more money doing their sacred work in the world.

If you’re also a mission-driven entrepreneur struggling with fear, doubt, uncertainty and perpetual cash flow issues, we need to talk.

I completely understand the conscious entrepreneur’s abundance issues. And the multipassionate Idea Overwhelm, too. Add the creative center to the mix and that means traditional business models and advice don’t fit.

Most of my clients are working too hard for too little. That shifts immediately. 

If you need more clarity and prosperity in your business, I’d love to connect!

Fill out the form below or send me an email: kellie {at} kellieadkins {dot} com.

Thanks for making it to the end of this love letter.

love, light & fountain pens,









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