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Kellie_Adkins-34As a mindful creative with a yogi-heart, business-as-usual didn’t work for me. I believe business is a vehicle for world-changing ideas and exponential growth: preferably for the greater good. For me, conscious entrepreneurship is the perfect combination of social change, self-realization and lifestyle design. Finding the balance between the harder side business strategy, vision and marketing and the softer side of connection, intuition and self-care sets the stage for long-term success.

As a healers, helper or conscious entrepreneurs you intuitively grasp that the heart of business is service. But translating your mission-driven work into a mindful, sustainable business and setting the stage for exponential growth is the tricky part.

Business-as-usual doesn’t work for you, either.

Investing in your professional success is scary. There are tons of business coaches out there —many don’t understand the creative mind or the yogi-heart. I believe in working with the individual to design (or expand) a mindful, sustainable business grounded in your strengths, skills and purpose-driven work in the world. I also believe building a business that supports you in doing your great work in the world is the highest form of both self-care and service. The world needs your gifts—and you need a sustainable business that supports you at all levels.

 I support conscious women entrepreneurs in growing + expanding a mindful business that reflects their brilliance and does great work in the world. The result? Whole health, wise wealth, + sustainable business doing more world-changing work…more profitably.

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur struggling with the business and marketing side of your business, we need to talk.

I completely understand the conscious entrepreneur’s obstacles to prosperity and sustainability in business: money wounds, fears of unworthiness, focusing on too many things, overwhelm, and marketing confusion. I believe it all comes down to practicing self-care at all levels, from the physical to the financial. Traditional business models and advice don’t fit: a mindful, holistic approach to business (and lifestyle) does.

Most of my clients are hiding their brilliance, selling themselves short and working too hard for too little. That shifts immediately. 

If you need more clarity, confidence and strategy in your business, let’s connect. I offer a pro-bono session to ensure we are a good fit.

Fill out the form below or send me an email: kellie {at} kellieadkins {dot} com.

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