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Kellie_Adkins-34As a creative with a yogi-heart, business-as-usual didn’t work for me. I believe business is a vehicle for creative expression and community expansion: preferably for the greater good. I’m more interested in people than profits.

For open-hearted creatives, balancing the harder side business with the softer side of connection and intuition is necessary for long term success.

That’s what works for me —and my clients.

Investing in your professional success is scary. There are tons of business coaches out there —many don’t understand the creative mind or the yogi-heart. (Tip: Cookie cutter systems don’t work. Marketing “tricks” don’t work, either.) I believe in working with the individual to design (or expand) a sustainable, passion-fueled business.

 I support conscious, creative professionals in designing a lifestyle business that reflects their brilliance and attracts perfect-fit clients.

The result? A sustainable, profitable business doing more of what you love…more profitably.

If you’re a conscious, creative entrepreneur struggling with the business and marketing side of your business, we need to talk.

I completely understand the conscious, creative entrepreneur’s obstacles to abundance: many passions, limited time, idea overwhelm, marketing confusion. Traditional business models and advice don’t fit: holistic lifestyle and business design does.

Most of my clients are working too hard for too little. That shifts immediately. 

If you need more clarity and prosperity in your business, let’s connect. I offer a pro-bono session to ensure we are a good fit.

Fill out the form below or send me an email: kellie {at} kellieadkins {dot} com.

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    Because you’ve got 100 years to live, love + leave a remarkable impact. And it’s not only essential, it’s your duty to share your talents and unique gifts with the world. But you have to tune in before you can radiate out, and sometimes you need a coach to give you that final nudge or a teacher to show you your own light. And sometimes you need someone to cheer you on as you step courageously into your vibrant life.

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