7 Strategies for Staying Focused + a Motivational Playlist to Keep you Groovin’ While you Work

Nothing Worthwhile QuoteWe’ve all been there: a pile of to-dos longer than your arm, classes to plan, trainings to deliver, courses to launch. Whether you’re a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, or a yogipreneur, distraction and overwhelm are frequent visitors. Particularly when you’re trying to build a business from your passions.

I’ll be the first to tell you that doing what you love, loving what you do and getting paid to follow your passions is the right business move. Even if your business isn’t a success, you will still have gained more valuable life lessons than you can quantify.

However, if you expected the road less traveled to be bump-free, you were wrong. In fact, living a passions-fueled life, while covering your practical bases and earning a living wage, is not for the faint of heart. You will work long hours. You will make sacrifices.

You will feel lost. You will fail. You will succeed. You will keep going because you’re living the highest ideal of yourself: creating beauty, doing good work, serving + supporting others, helping others heal.

Because following your passions is a calling and a sacred mission to do more with this life, to honor these fleeting moments, to make a difference.

{And it’s necessary to make a living while you’re making a difference.}

But when you look around at everyone else enjoying luxurious vacations, new cars, corporate bonuses, and weekends off, you may get a little discouraged.

Because the Goddesses of Inspiration and Abundance require sacrifices. What form your sacrifice takes is up to you and the Goddesses you must appease {the Goddess of Discipline is especially demanding}. Yet the fundamental sacrifice from each of us is our time: our only true possession in this life.

Excellence, mastery, purpose-fueled living and a career that supports one’s highest ideal are goals worth achieving. Which means we need to get laser-sharp in spending our most precious commodity: time.

So here are some practical steps and tools to stay focused so you can get the most out of your life {and your time} when you do –and when you do NOT–  feel motivated.

Appease the Goddesses, live your passions, and get sh*t done. Yes, please.

1. Create a sacred ritual

Support the sacred work of giving form to your passions with a simple ritual to demarcate WORK/ART from FAMILY/RELAX/OTHER time.

Like, close the door to your office, turn off your cell phone, lock yourself off the internet {and Facebook}, turn on your favorite motivational playlist {like the one below} or set a timer. Maybe do all of the above.

Then get down to the serious work of profiting from your passions.

2. Shut your inner critic up

Stinkin’ thinkin’ will drag you down every time…if you let it.   Stop “should-ing” all over yourself and remember, create first, edit later. Push through resistence, perfectionism, and comparison and just get something on paper: whether it’s a workshop description, your first online course or the first chapter of your novel.

3. No more hiding {from yourself}

Tracking your time is one of the best ways to see where your productivity is leaky. Grab this time tracking app {free!} and commit to using it.

Next, pay attention to thoughts, activities, mental states, & emotions. When you become distracted, unfocused, overwhelmed, what are the triggers?

Finally, be on the lookout for your own ‘blind spots’: habits of mind and action – such as over-committing or avoidance –that perpetuate the cycle of overwhelm and frustration. Journaling is a great way to notice your own patterns over time.

And when you notice the stinkin’ thinkin’ or self-sabotaging habits or mindstates creeping up on you….

4. Redirect

Create a personal affirmation or mantra that allows you to redirect your mind when negative thought patterns impede your ability to be productive or creative. Just as in meditation, the mantra returns your attention to the present: thus aligning present consciousness with our greater purpose.

  • Life is short so I am going to spend my time effectively.
  • Setting boundaries is an expression of a healthy first chakra.
  • Asking for what I’m worth is a form of self-care.
  • Honoring my creative rhythms is an expression of a healthy second chakra.
  • I am stepping fully into my highest potential when I {insert your creative work}
  • I am a sacred expression of universal energy when I am fully myself and embodying all of my strengths.
  • By honoring my own creative energies, I can love, serve, & live more abundantly.

5. Set yourself up for success.

Business-building is HARD. There will be periods of time where it feels like you’re stuck or worse, going backwards. Leveraging your time into clear task categories will allow you to define success on your terms.

Instead of tackling a To-Do list a mile long {and failing miserably}, categorize your tasks into achievable chunks with specific aims:

Leverage Tasks: tasks to grow your business: including marketing, promotion, team management, techy updates, and collaboration

Moola Tasks: tasks to bring money in the doors: including working with clients, invoicing/admin tasks, and customer service

Creative Tasks: tasks to nurture your creative side {AKA Zone of Genius tasks}: creating valuable content + doing what you do best.

In a systematic way, work through your task categories. Yes, sometimes these tasks overlap. Try to put them in the most obvious category for you. In general, these tasks can be divided into working ON your business and working IN your business.

Yet another productivity strategy  is to divide your work days into time chunks based around your own daily energy rhythms: such as, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. each day is for Leverage Tasks while 1:00-3:00 p.m. is for Creative Tasks, and 3:00-5:00 p.m. is for Moola Tasks.

A final option {and my personal favorite} is to divide your work week in this way:

Leverage Tasks: Monday

Client + Moola Tasks: Tuesday + Thursday

Creative Tasks: Wednesday + Friday

So, Monday, Wednesay, + Friday I am working ON my business by taking clear steps toward growth {Monday} and expanding, refining, or creating content {Wednesday + Friday}. Tuesday + Thursday, I am working IN my business by doing client calls, and admin and marketing tasks.

6. Set up some incentives

Incentives matter and are effective when you use them wisely: in other words, a positive incentive & a negative incentive will help you stay on track either way your workflow goes. Set an achievable goal then place some parameters around ‘success’ and ‘failure.’ Then reward {or spank} yourself!

Example: My goal is to do post on my blog 2 times a week. If I do so successfully, I’ll treat myself to a weekly pedicure. When I flake, I have to skip my daily Starbucks treat for a week.

In this example, the weekly pedicure is a positive incentive while the giving up the Starbucks treat is a negative incentive. The incentives create a buffer around your chosen direction. Like the curbs on the side of a road, the negative and positive incentives help you stay on course. Remember to use both a negative and a positive incentive.

7. {Re} Commit

 Tell someone {or many someone’s} what you’re doing in your business: or what you want to do in business. Find someone else doing what you do and invite them to a Skype date. Follow the blogs of people you respect and people who inspire you. Better yet, get a coach to keep you on track when your motivation fizzles. Accountability is a powerful motivator!

Most importantly, keep going even when it isn’t fun. You have good work to do in this life and the world needs more people who are motivated by their passions.

And whenever you feel a slump coming on, pop this mix on and keep groovin.’

You got this!






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Biztastic Motivation Mix from Kellie Adkins on 8tracks Radio.

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