Niching for Yogis + Conscious Creative Entrepreneurs

Niching is for Yogis smallSo you did the work of finding your Who, you have a strong Ideal Client profile, and you are ready to use this new-found knowledge to grow your teaching practice and increase your earning potential. Before you begin crafting services or create content, though, it’s essential that you figure out your place in the industry. Whether you’re a coach, a multipassionate creative, a massage therapist, or a yoga teacher, chances are there are hundreds {thousands!} of other practitioners out there doing what you do. How do you stand apart from the crowd and effortlessly attract perfect-for-you clients?

By finding your niche.

You may have heard of niching before but you might be unclear on the exact steps to discover your own…or why it’s even important! Read on for my fail-proof steps to discovering your niche …and a few reasons why it’s crucial to your business success!

Discover {then refine} your niche

Once you find your Who, the next step is to go a bit more narrow and identify what they are already seeking, when or how they will be attracted to your services and what can offer that fills a gap. You must take all these factors into consideration when discovering –then refining—your niche.

But what is a niche exactly?

The word niche is a French word meaning, place, or alcove {and it is pronounced “neesh” –not “nitch”}. In marketing, your niche is a position you take in your business that allows people to immediately identify how you can serve them and why you are the perfect person to do so.

Many of us feel trapped by the idea of narrowing down our offerings and services to one particular area. I can empathize! As a multi-passionate conscious creative entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to decide on WHAT you want to do in your business: you’re constantly being pulled in the million directions by the Idea Factory called your brain. However, this step –just like finding your Ideal Client—is crucial to your professional success as a conscious, creative entrepreneur.

Discovering your niche certainly builds on the previous line of inquiry into your Ideal Client. Once you know WHO you want to serve, you have to discover HOW you can best serve them. This involves looking at WHAT you—uniquely—have to offer your community {AKA your Ideal Clients}. The exciting thing about niching is that it helps the perfect-for-you clients immediately identify YOU as the perfect-for-them yoga teacher/yoga therapist/coach/acupuncturist. The other thing that makes niching fun is that, in the beginning at least, it is all about you!

Niching asks the question, “How can I package my purpose, passions, innate strengths and world-changing ideas into a platform that my Dream Clients will recognize, identify with, and seek out?”

Part of discovering your niche is uncovering your particular combination of purpose, passion and strengths. In fact, it’s a huge part of niching….which is why I wrote a book all about it! {Get it for free here} When you embrace all of the above –taking your life as your path and your story as a compass—you can easily identify the perfect niche.

Another aspect of your niche is what you love to do. Your passions fuel your interests and hobbies and your niche may {or may not} be informed by these interests.

Another crucial element of your niche is what people will pay you for. You may be the worlds leading expert in restoring antique clarinets, but if no one is in the market for a clarinet restoration, you will go hungry.

Finally, your niche must be address a need in the world -and be a reflection of your purpose.  Like the somewhat silly example above, if the world has no need for your particular skill set – and it doesn’t light you up inside! –  you won’t be able to earn a living nor will be excited about growing your business.

To summarize: your niche is the overlap where what you do well, what you love, what people will pay you for, and what the world needs intersect.

In my opinion, the absolute best part about niching is that it allows you to find your place in the world: the sweet spot where your purpose, passions, strengths, experiences, and service to others are aligned. When you identify your niche, you can stop comparing yourself to your colleagues, you become more open to collaboration, and you feel more confident in your life and in your work.

Sounds amazing, right?

So are you ready to find your niche?

Take some time with the Insight Questions below: the answers to these questions are the first step to discovering your niche.

  • What do you love to do, that people already {or may in the future} pay you for?
  • What unique experiences, skills and talents do have to share with the world?
  • Who do you love to work with?
  • What do they need?
  • How do you work best?  {alone, in a group, as a guide, providing one-on-one support, as an educator}
  • What challenges in your history have you successfully conquered?
  • Is there an unspoken need in your industry that your experience, talents, and skills can fill?

Want some help discovering your Ideal Client or your niche? I provide complementary 30-minute Discovery sessions to help you tap into the key elements for professional success as a yogi-hearted entrepreneur. Book yours’ here!

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